Is This Just a Fool’s Game? (and a pic of Suki!)

On Saturday, I was working and occasionally breaking to check FB and G+. I came across this article on authors buying their way onto the bestseller list. Go read it. I’ll be here when you get back.

You’ll note Amazon won’t do business with them and B&N had no comment. Want to bet this isn’t the only company out there willing to rig sales so an author can make the coveted list?

Much as we’d like to think publishing isn’t as corrupt as every other business out there, how can it not be? If there’s money to be made, corruption can’t be far behind. “Ethics” is a dead word in this country, at least to many corporations and a lot of people. 


The wolf devours the sheep and everyone applauds. Used to be, the rancher would shoot the wolf to protect the sheep. Now the rancher looks the other way as long as the wolf leaves something behind for him.

What is left for the sheep, who just want to eat, sleep, and enjoy the sun? Not a hell of a lot. The wolves and ranchers are in cahoots and the sheep are ‘managed’ and preyed on.

Okay, I got sidetracked by my little analogy. Sometimes they’re too fun to resist.

But an important question arises: if you had a choice, would you be a wolf, a rancher, or a sheep?

Ain’t gonna lie. Being a sheep has gotten me nowhere, not in writing, not in my ‘real’ life. I’ve been honest, I’ve treated people fairly, and my hands and bank account are empty because others don’t live by the same code of ethics I do.

As much as I abhor the idea of business finagling books onto bestseller lists (and charging a bloody fortune to do it), I understand why someone does it: BECAUSE THEY CAN.

Is it right? No. Is it ethical? No.

But who’s gonna stop ’em? It’s shady, it’s questionable, it takes advantage of legitimate loopholes, but it’s not illegal.

The wolves always recognize opportunity when they smell it, and leap, gnashing their teeth, while the rancher looks the other way.

And the sheep? “Those wolves will get theirs, it’s only a question of time.”

Bullshit. I’ve never seen so many wolves in my life and the sheep just keep taking it up the ass.



Saturday night, I came across a long but very interesting interview. I highly recommend you read it to understand what’s happening in our country right now, and what might possibly happen in our near future. At the end, economist Richard Wolff wimps out by saying the people will (peacefully) demand that changes be made.

Uh… we’ve been demanding for years and no one’s listening. Our government ignores us every chance it gets. We want to fairly tax the rich and still, they are getting away with murder, stashing their money offshore to avoid the few taxes this country demands of them.

*steps off the soapbox* I’m going to shut my brain down for a while now, watch a junkie movie or read a while. Enjoy your Monday!

Here’s a photo of Suki in the grass. Ain’t she cute? I love this little furry creature.



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11 Responses to Is This Just a Fool’s Game? (and a pic of Suki!)

  1. W. Lotus says:

    I can’t be a wolf and live with myself. I wouldn’t make it as a rancher, because I believe too firmly in treating people fairly, leveling the playing field, and protecting the vulnerable…and that includes shooting wolves. But I’m not exactly a sheep, because I holler and fight back and will go find a different pasture, damn it, when wolves come to mine. I’m not sure what that makes me. I kinda like being too big for boxes. 🙂

    Suki is a darling.

  2. Sarah_Madison says:

    Oh dear. Suki is completely ADORABLE. 🙂 That having been said, Theo, the reasons you list here are the reasons I struggle to make ends meet in my ‘real’ profession as well as a writer. I can’t gouge my clients. Yes, I may undervalue my services, but I can’t charge the market rate and face myself in the mirror either. Sadly, if I don’t do something different, I won’t be around to cut my clients some slack or go the extra mile for someone because I won’t be there to do so. I’ll have cracked up from the stress of working 60+ hours a week and still not being able to pay the bills.

    One thing I find interesting about the world of writing however, is the concept that there is a limited amount of room at the top. Um, no, there isn’t. If I love Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, and everything by Dickens, and the latest novel of my favorite author comes out, I’m going to buy them. Oh sure, maybe I have to prioritize a little. But readers read. There may be fewer people reading out there these days, but they read more than ever. So I don’t get this idea that we sheep have to jostle and shove to be the first one out of the gate into the pasture–to borrow your analogy! 😉

  3. diannegray says:

    Suki is absolutely beautiful!

    I read the article about ResultsSource – what an absolutely rotten thing to do when there are truly great writers out there struggling to get sales!

    • Sometimes, the news I read makes me unbelievably tired.

      • Allison says:

        Odd but the only way I can comment here is by replying.

        I wanted to say thanks for the interview. I knew all those things, in the way that you do without being conscious of it, but not being particularly interested in financial matters it was really helpful to have it all laid out that way. Unfortunately too many people do not see the reality of it.

        As for the best sellers list I want to say I am surprised but sadly I am not. Although I wasn’t aware this was being done it seems kind of par for the course anymore. That I feel that way is sad enough. I’ve never really understood following best sellers lists since what is popular with the masses generally are not the things that I find interesting or worth pursuing.

        Finally love the picture of your little Suki! She is such a sweetie. Your photography skills inspire me to work on mine more and I thank you for that!

        • Suki is a constant joy in my life and may quite possibly be the best dog I’ve ever known. Yes, I am prejudiced. 😉

          Because the people who orchestrated the 2008 financial meltdown were never charged or punished in any way, and because they were allowed to keep raking in money on top of that, I believe the confidence people should have in their government has failed completely. We distrust everything and everyone now, always looking for the angle, the hook that’s gonna screw us yet again.

          This is a very sad state of affairs in a country that was once a world leader.

          And instead of turning their attention to rebuilding, our government is divisive and childish and seems not to care much about the concerns of its citizens. I fear we will pay a horrible cost for this.

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