Photoshop Before and After

I thought it was time for another before/after.

I started with a screen cap from Heroes’ fourth season, episode six. Samuel is baptizing Sylar into the carnival. 

Heroes S4 Sylar


Nice enough pic. But I looked at this and thought, “It can be so much better.”

First of all, the colors were washed out, as they often are on the ‘net. And there was no drama. Where’s the drama?

So I started playing. You know I love to play. 🙂

I did my usual adjustments, but it wasn’t enough. Yeah, contrast was improved, colors were more vibrant, but I thought it would look so much better if I turned day….

… into night.

Samuel Sylar in Pool S4Ep6

I used the render light filter to put the glow in the lanterns and add subtle lens flares. I’m using this as wallpaper right now. There is drama, which I love!

Happy holidays, everyone. I’ll be spending it with good friends and family.

See you Wednesday.



About Fenraven

Fenraven lives in central Florida, which reminds him of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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2 Responses to Photoshop Before and After

  1. abichica says:

    I love the after picture.. :-D.. You did awesome! a very merry Christmas to you! 🙂

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