FREE READ: Honesty

Warnings: m/m, sex, unbelievably hot characters.

Word Count: 2692

Copyright 2012 by Theo Fenraven. Feel free to pass it around or reblog in its entirety but this is an original work, and as such, belongs to me and cannot be published or posted under any name but Theo Fenraven.

Images are public domain (as far as I know!)

Chapter 1

Collin sat on the edge of his bed in black Calvin Kline underwear, gazing into the open closet, pondering what he should wear for his lunch with Paul. They hadn’t seen each other for a while and he was looking forward to their meeting. He’d prefer to call it a date, but it had been structured by Paul as “Let’s get together, touch base, see if the mojo is still working.”

He was making entirely too much of this, he decided while choosing a white long-sleeved shirt and pair of jeans. After dressing, he looked in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door. Without thinking, he’d grabbed the faded, well-worn jeans that made his genitals extremely prominent, to the point where it was hard to take your eyes off them.

This would send the wrong message, right? Like he was trying too hard? He pulled them off and replaced them with a different pair, these black and looser-fitting. The equipment now looked…unimpressive. He might have been a eunuch, for fuck’s sake. He stripped them off with a huff, laboriously yanking on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Better. Some bulge but not so much it made him look desperate.

Slipping on a pair of sneakers, he checked the time, hurriedly grabbed phone, keys, and wallet, and left the house.

They were meeting at the coffee shop and then going elsewhere for lunch. It was within walking distance, which he appreciated. He liked walking. It was one of the many reasons why he lived in WeHo. Almost everything he needed in the way of shops and restaurants was within pedestrian distance from his house.

The weather was fine, as always; sunny, warm, bright skies. He loved living here but lately, he found himself thinking more and more about New York City. He’d visited recently and been reminded how much he enjoyed the frenetic energy of the place. Also, fewer paps followed him around there. Frowning and keeping his head down, he pretended not to see the jerk with the big camera paralleling him on the other side of the street. Most of the time, he simply ignored them, but today he was in no mood, remembering how much Paul hated them. This would just make him snarky, and Collin didn’t enjoy Paul much when he got on one of his rants.

Paul was inside when he arrived, lounging against a wall with a cup of coffee in his hand. He looked a little rumpled in his T-shirt, khakis, and long-sleeved brown sweater. His hair was askew, as if he’d just run fingers through it.

Collin nodded at him, then stepped up to the counter and asked for his usual. While it was fetched, he pulled out a five and then exchanged it for the cup. Change was returned, which he shoved in a pocket.

Inclining his head, he led the way outside, hearing Paul fall in behind him with a soft grunt. “Pap warning.”

Paul walked beside him as they turned left. “Saw ’em when I arrived. Fucking parasites.”

Collin grinned. “Nature of the biz, you know that.” They were actors, and a couple years ago, they’d co-starred in a movie that, against all odds, had turned into a monster hit and made them big stars. Their every move since then had been made under intense scrutiny.

“Fucking hate ’em.” He sniffed and sipped his coffee carefully, holding it out a bit so it wouldn’t spill on him if it sloshed. “Rosie’s Cafe?”

“Sure.” Although it had been months since he’d seen Paul, they’d quickly fallen back into the easy way they always spoke with each other. Wrapping his mouth around the straw, he sucked in coffee, wondering if he should break the habit. Expensive, not good for him…but damn, it cleared his head like nothing else.

They walked half a dozen blocks with long strides, shadowed by the paps and going out of their way to pretend they weren’t there. Inside Rosie’s, they took a dark booth near the back, away from the windows.

When they took off their sunglasses and laid them on the table at the same time, both laughed and Collin said, “Late night?”

Paul shrugged. “That apparent? Yeah, well, was hanging out with some friends who were determined to get me drunk. They succeeded.”

The waitress presented herself, placing two glasses of water with lemon slices on the table. “Need menus or do you know what you want?” she asked with a smile.

They’d been there many times, back when they were still hanging out with one another. Each ordered a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on wheat and a bowl of spicy tomato soup. Paul drained his glass and asked for more water.

Fixing Collin with a slightly bloodshot look, Paul said, “You look good. Obviously staying healthy.”

Nodding, Collin finished his coffee and set the cup aside. “Doing the yoga again, making an effort to get enough sleep.”

Paul snorted. “Can’t help but know about the yoga. I’m always seeing pictures of you with the damn mat. You’d think they’d get bored with that shit by now, right?”

“You’d think,” Collin agreed, and then fell silent. Last time they’d been together had been stressful. He’d finally made it known to Paul he wanted to be something other than a friend and pretty much been blown out of the water. “Why’d you call me, Paul? ‘Cause as far as I can see, we’re getting along just fine. The ‘mojo’ is still working. When we show up for work next month for the sequel, there won’t be a problem.”

Paul played with his empty coffee cup, running a finger around the top edge over and over. “I missed you.” Green eyes suddenly blazed into Collin’s rich brown ones. “We’re still friends, right? We can hang out, hang in, just… spend time together?”

Collin stared at him, not sure what was going on. “Sure… we’re friends. Why wouldn’t we be?” Puzzled, he added, “What the fuck’s going on? Can’t you just say it straight out?”

Their food arrived and they both leaned back while the waitress placed the plates and bowls in front of them. Paul got his additional glass of water and started gulping it straight away.

When Collin noticed, he shrugged. “Hangover. Need to hydrate.” He caught the waitress before she got away. “Another, please? Thanks.”

Collin watched him finish the second glass of water before picking up his sandwich and biting into it, observed him chew and swallow and take another bite. For some damn reason, it was hot as hell, watching his lips and teeth as he ate.

Paul glanced up. “What? Am I being a pig or something?” He hastily wiped a napkin across his lips.

Shaking his head, Collin started eating, alternating a spoonful of soup with a bite of his sandwich until both were gone. Paul simply ploughed ahead, finishing the sandwich first, then the soup. By then, the waitress was back with more water, which Paul killed in ten seconds flat.

“I am suddenly starting to feel human again,” he said, leaning back in the chair with a sigh of satisfaction. “And now I have to piss. Big surprise, huh? Be right back.”

Collin watched him walk away, noticing the new energy in his step. Bullshit. They could never just be friends. Looking at that ass made him crazy.

He paid the bill while Paul was in the can and asked for more water. When Paul returned and saw the refilled glass on his side of the booth, he grinned.

“Thanks, but I think I’ve had enough for now.” He slid into the booth and leaned forward, fixing Collin with his brilliant green eyes. “You asked me why I called you. I said I missed you. You and your fucking rapier wit, and the way you were always reading some serious book on set. I mean, who the hell actually reads “The Passage of Power”? In hardcover, no less? And then is able to talk about it intelligently?” He moved the water glass around. “Why didn’t it happen for us back then, when we were together practically all the damn time? I don’t know. It just didn’t. But I want it to happen now.”

Collin’s mouth dropped open halfway through Paul’s explanation. “What?”

“You heard me. Still interested?”

Collin gave him a long look. “Your place or mine?”

Chapter 2

Collin’s place was closer. Ignoring the paps who were lying in wait outside, they quickly made their way to his house, barely speaking to each other, their minds on one thing and one thing only.

Once inside the gate, Paul laughed, a little breathless. “So what’s the record for speed-walking a mile because I think we just broke it.”

Grinning, Collin unlocked the back door and threw his keys on the kitchen table. Turning, he was about to say something pithy in reply when he found himself embraced by Paul, who backed him up against the counter in a little dance, still laughing.

“I’ve been wanting to taste your mouth for two hours,” he said, kissing him.

Taken by surprise, Collin was tense and unresponsive… for about two seconds. Then his lips softened, warmed, and he was kissing Paul back. Who knew, when he’d gotten up this morning, that he would end up getting exactly what he wanted? Sometimes, life was good.

Shoving a hand down the back of Collin’s jeans, Paul said, “These mothers are too tight. Unzip.” Collin unbuttoned, unzipped, and Paul’s hand slid down to cup one ass cheek. “Time to move this party to the bedroom.”

Heartily agreeing, Collin led the way, toeing off his shoes as went, laughing when he almost tripped over the undone laces. Paul kept pulling on his shirt, trying to get it off him and attempting to kiss him at the same time. It was a wonder they made it to be bed without breaking something. They fell on it in a heap, limbs entangled, mouths pressed together.

Paul slid his hand down the back of Collin’s jeans again, grabbed a firm handful of ass, and pulled him tight so their erections slotted in next to each other. “Shit, you feel good.”

Collin growled in response, hands still busy trying to get Paul’s shirt off. Suddenly, Paul stopped moving.

Breath catching in his throat, Collin raised his head. “What?”

“Your cat’s staring at me.”

Collin rolled so he was on top. “Stop looking at him then.”

Paul lifted his head so he could look over Collin’s shoulder at where Clive sat on top of the dresser. “Kind of hard to do. I swear he hasn’t blinked in five minutes.”

Collin moved to block his line of vision. “Paul.” Their eyes met and heat exploded between them. There was no more talk about Clive as they hurriedly removed the rest of their clothes, tossing them off the bed to land who-knows-where and they sure as shit didn’t care. Skin moved against skin, almost creating sparks as they explored each other with fevered fingers.

“Jesus…almost coming already,” Collin groaned, wrapping his hand around both their cocks and stroking while Paul white-knuckled his back, keening in his ear.

Hips straining toward each other, hard-muscled chests pressed together, free hands grasping, pulling, they rapidly spiraled toward the climax both of them craved badly.

“Fuck, Collin!” Paul’s entire body jerked, slamming into Collin as he came, spraying semen between them.

Sinking his teeth into Paul’s shoulder, Collin followed suit in seconds, the most delicious sensations rocketing through him in waves as he shot for what seemed like forever.

The first thing he became aware of when he came back to himself and his surroundings was Paul’s strained breathing in his ear.

“Can’t… breathe!” Paul gasped, shoving at him.

Breathless himself, Collin slid to the side, collapsing on the bed, feeling cool air rush in to soothe his burning flesh. The mattress depressed as Clive leaped onto it from the dresser. Laughing weakly, Collin pushed him away.

Paul groaned humorously, rolling onto his side and slipping an arm around Collin. “He watched us the entire time. Only you would have a pervert cat.”

Ignoring the slur against Clive’s character, Collin leaned in next to Paul, sliding his tongue along the edge of one ear, feeling him shiver in response. “Why now?”

“You mean this? Us?” Paul closed his eyes and wrapped a hand around Collin’s arm, enjoying the other man’s attention. “Honestly?”

“No, lie to me.” Snorting a little, he raised a leg over Paul’s thighs, gently shoving it up under his testicles.

“Couple days ago, I was online and ran across some fan fic. You and me. Hot as hell. Made me remember all the things I liked about you so damn much.”

Smiling, Collin used his teeth on Paul’s shoulder. “You’re kidding.”

Turning onto his side to face Collin, Paul said, “Got me so hot, I jacked off, after which I called you and here we are.”

Collin’s smile faded. “That’s the stupidest goddamn reason to fuck someone I’ve ever heard.”

“Why?” Paul was sincerely puzzled.

“Because…because it was fiction. Whoever wrote it doesn’t know us and certainly can’t be sure of our orientation. What the hell, Paul.” Rolling over on his back away from him, Collin stared at the ceiling. “So this was a one-shot? To appease your horniess and curiosity?”

Paul half sat up, leaning over Collin, forcing him to look at him. “Even if it was, we both enjoyed it, right?” When Collin’s mouth mutinously began to turn down, Paul hastily added, “But this isn’t all I want. Collin… Collin….” Paul kissed him, teasing him with his tongue and lips. “What does it matter how we got together? Isn’t it more important that we did and we finally breached the gulf between us?”

“How can you read that shit online?” Collin snarled, pulling back. “It has nothing to do with us, you and me, who we are. It’s made-up garbage.”

Raising an eyebrow, Paul laughed. “Are you saying you’ve never read any of the fic written about us? Never? Come on….”

Frowning, Collin said, “I haven’t. I’m not interested.”

Laughing harder, Paul reached for tissue from a box on the nightstand and began cleaning himself. “Bullshit.”

Collin sat up on the edge of the bed, facing away from Paul. “It’s offensive.”

Huffing out air, Paul rolled out of bed and started gathering his clothing. “They like the idea of us being together.”

Collin rolled his eyes and stepped into the bathroom, where he rinsed a washcloth under warm water before running it over his stomach, cock, and thighs. “And that doesn’t offend you? The constant prurient speculation?”

“When the hell did you get so uptight? Jesus.” Paul pulled on underwear and jeans, zipping them up loudly.

“They’re invading our privacy. It pisses me off.”

“They’re enjoying a fantasy. Let ’em.”

Collin walked back into the bedroom as Paul was pulling on his T-shirt. Their eyes met.

“You’re leaving?” Collin asked, and heard the slightly plaintive tone in his voice with sadness and regret.

Paul shrugged, sweater over one arm. “I have an appointment.”

Of course he did. Awkward at being the only one still naked, Collin slipped into his jeans, zipping them carefully so as not to catch the short hairs. “Thanks for lunch.”

Paul headed toward the door. “Any time.”

Feeling used and out of sorts, Collin hung back, bare-chested, thumbs hooked through belt loops. He didn’t—couldn’t—say anything. Was this it then? Just the one time and nothing more? Maybe he shouldn’t have gone off so hard on the fanfic. Paul was right. It was fantasy and it hurt no one.

Paul paused with his hand on the open door and glanced back. “Tomorrow?” he said with a smile and wicked twinkle in his eye. “Dinner. You’re buying. Then you can take me home and ravish me.”

Collin’s sullen look quickly lightened as he grinned. “Asshole.”

An eyebrow crooked. “That’s on tomorrow’s agenda.” And then he was gone, the door shutting behind him.


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