Photo: Fall Before and After

It’s not just the colors of fall that impress. It’s the light. The sun is lower in the sky and shooting through the atmosphere at a different angle. It appears to be more golden, softer, almost shimmering. If you take a good shot from the right place, you can capture that light.

This is the photo straight out of the camera:

The bones are good, as I like to say. It’s a nicely framed picture and there’s good contrast and color. And oh wow, that light! You can see the source is top right. That’s a good angle; I caught it coming through the leaves, which were falling off the trees in a golden shower.

This is where post processing comes in. We want to accentuate the good stuff to make it a better photo. I adjusted curves, always the first thing I do. I then took it into Topaz Adjust and hit it with the spicify filter. The effect was too strong, so I moved opacity of that layer down to 50% and bumped the color (spicify tends to mute it).

The color is rich, the contrast good, and that beautiful fall light is apparent. Our job here is done… or is it?

We could stop now and have a gorgeous picture for the desktop or wall, but let’s do one more thing to it.

Back into Topaz to apply another filter, this time Venice Painting.

That filter applies a painter effect to the photo, enriching the color and light even more. It doesn’t look quite real, but then, it’s not supposed to. I can see this framed over the couch, can’t you?

If you have Photoshop and aren’t using filters, whether built-in or purchased, you’re not using one of the best things about the program. There is literally no end to the different ‘looks’ you can apply to a photo. Taking the picture is only the first step.

Looks like a chilly weekend coming up. Enjoy as best you can! See you Monday.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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5 Responses to Photo: Fall Before and After

  1. I love it when you talk about Photoshop. It makes me want to start taking pictures.

    • I remember the first time I saw this program, on an employee’s monitor at a place I’d applied to work. As a test, she said, “If you wanted to fill the area with red, which icon would you choose?” At that point, I’d only dabbled in Paint Shop Pro, which is a nice cheap program, or it was. Today, it probably costs a bit more. Anyway, I chose the paint bucket and she grinned.

      I couldn’t afford Photoshop, but getting that job lit a fire under me to learn it. I, ahem, acquired a copy and plunged in. That was eleven years ago. I haven’t stopped learning about it since.

  2. arielpakizer says:

    I love those pictures, the colors are stunning! I wished the leaves changed colors where I live.

  3. Lindsaysf says:

    Wow. Love your result. I noticed the sun here this morning, amazing light coming through gold-green leaves. I couldn’t begin to capture it with a camera, but love seeing how you do it.

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