Three of Swords in Print and Photography

I’ve mentioned I’m learning book binding. I visited my mentor this weekend and he gave me this:

He printed it to show me what it looks like. I couldn’t take my hands off it. The cover and print are waterproof. Unlike other authors, I’ve always written books just *this much* too short to quality for print when going through publishers. But now that I’m self-publishing, I can print anything I like.

He’s still working out logistics and cost, but in time, yes! I will offer print copies of my books, and it will be affordable.

The afghan the book is resting on? Laying on my couch and crocheted by JJ, my former live-in love. Long time followers will know who I’m referring to.

Fall is setting in, but the dragonflies are still active. I got pictures of a couple when Suki and I stopped by a local park a couple days ago.

Here’s another. Time is short and they’re going at it. šŸ™‚

Enjoy the last few days of summer, my friends. The seasons are changing!


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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10 Responses to Three of Swords in Print and Photography

  1. AJ Rose says:

    It’s bee-yoo-tee-ful. *pets it*

    Heh, dragonflies fucking. Good times.

  2. They do it a lot. They have many good times. ;/

    Now my friend is talking printing a hardcover of it, just to see how that works. I’m not going to complain!

  3. Isa says:

    It looks beautiful! How exciting to see your work in print. Just think in a few years you’ll have a bookshelf full of books that you wrote.

  4. therealtbaggins says:

    Reblogged this on fiftyshadesofgay and commented:
    The bit about book binding is interesting to me (in my other life I use Createspace) but the two stunning photos will be of interest to anyone…

    • Thanks! I don’t know what Createspace charges, but my friend thinks he can undercut their price.

      Dragonflies like me. They often dive bomb me while I’m out, asking to have their photo taken. Heh.

      And thanks for the reblog!

      • therealtbaggins says:


        Createspace is very cheap. Almost no cost to the author, something like $30 for expanded distribution. BUT there are limits, and you won’t get a waterproof cover, etc. I have no doubt your friend could devise something MUCH nicer. My only worry is about the distribution. If you want to talk shop, email me at and I’ll tell you what I know. However, if you plan to sell your paperbacks directly, from your own web store, I think you’ll be fine.

        • We already have a waterproof cover, something I think is important. Distribution would be print on demand; someone orders a print copy, it’s made and sent. We’re still working out details, but there is promise in it!

  5. Lindsaysf says:

    I finally got a chance to read “Three of Swords” – and you know I leap to read your work as soon as I can! I loved it! Of course a fair amount is right up my metaphysical alley, so that was fun. I can imagine the central characters and the set-up taking on a life of their own that extends for dozens of stories!!! I want to hear what happens as the bloom of young love runs up against the different values and habits and preferences of each – and I’d love to see if it can develop into a mature love that carries them through the mundane as well as the exciting. I expect Gray’s old isolation habits will surface as well as some of Cooper’s terrors. And Cooper will slowly grow up. Will he push against the semi-parental relationship with Gray? How will Gray react? What will it take for them to slowly drop defenses – or learn to cope with them in each other? Harper is interesting. I bet she comes along for some adventures. Money and work – I can imagine these adding challenges. And an alternate setting to the river. I wanted to hang out more with the Crystal Lady – of course! šŸ™‚ I would love a story that involved a flashback into her character. Maybe even one with more about the grandfather who is so different from Gray’s view of him. If others in their group as similarly colorful, I could see each figuring in a different story. I also like using the tarot cards as themes.
    I think you have a real rich field to mine here!!! Can’t wait for more.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Harper is along in the sequel, Knight of Wands. Cooper and Gray are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Who knows what will happen after reality intrudes? šŸ™‚

      You’ll get more info about how the astral plane works and why it was so easy for Gray to access it once he realized that was an option. You’ll also find out what was in the wall safe (of course!) and how he was able to wield such immense power against Mark. I’m very much enjoying writing the second book (and am already looking ahead to the last in the trilogy).

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