Labor Day Weekend Roundup

There is good and bad this labor day weekend.

The most obvious ‘bad’ is that unemployment continues to be far higher than statistics report. It’s to our government’s best interests that those numbers are spun because they  put forth the idea the economy is getting better. They’ve been saying this how many years now? And of course, it’s not getting better. Those lucky enough to have jobs, whether it’s what they want or not, and whether or not it pays well, consider themselves lucky. The rest struggle not to give up, to keep looking, and to make their few dollars go as far as they can.

Extended benefits from unemployment have been cut back severely… and yes, these are awarded based on those spun numbers I was just talking about. The lower the reported unemployment rate, the less money states give to the unemployed. The games our politicians continue to play with our lives sometimes makes me ill. 

The housing market continues to flat-line… again, despite reports to the contrary. I’ve read there is anywhere between $12-13 trillion dollars still needing to be flushed from that sector before things can ever really improve. The rest is more attempts at sustaining a bubble that should never have happened in the first place, a bubble that cost the middle class retirement security and flung seniors into abject poverty.

While the world struggles to right itself from the never-ending greed of those in high places and the rest pay the price, in my life, there is also some bad. I’ve just gone through one straight week with no edits, which means I’m going to be very short on money the month that paycheck finally gets here. Couple that with the week at the beginning of the month when edits were held due to new system implementation, and the outlook becomes dire.

In the ‘regular’ world, people get paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. In the freelance world–specifically, in the publishing world–you can wait 4-6 weeks after the month you do the work to get the money. So right now, October and November look very bad for me financially.

Also there are AJ’s nose bleeds and his increasing struggle with migraines. His health worries me, but I can’t help but think his youth portends for the best. There are drugs for migraines and possibly the nose bleeds are nothing special. Just one of those medical glitches we all go through occasionally that are inconvenient, and in this case, messy, but insignificant in the long run.

There is other news looming on the horizon. The building I live in and the one across the parking lot, both of which my boss was supposed to own by now, have slipped away from him. Turns out some shoddy deal-making went down for the current owner when he purchased the places and he’s trying to pass the huge pre-payment penalty he would suffer at sale on to my boss, who’s not having it.

I will likely be packing up yet again and moving who knows where in a couple or three months. Never count your chickens, as they say. I’ve already refused to live in that other building, but there’s no guarantee where I end up won’t be the same or worse.

On the good side, I’m still breathing. My health, unlike AJ’s, is solid–knocks wood–and I continue to write, though it’s more sporadic than I’d like. I have good friends and family, and that goes far toward alleviating the miseries of what has become an uncertain life.

My holiday weekend was extremely pleasant. I hope y’all can say the same.



About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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6 Responses to Labor Day Weekend Roundup

  1. AJ Rose says:

    In the bubble of my little world, things are fairly cool (except the migraines). It’s when I start to think about the bigger picture that I get nervous. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop.

  2. Nobody says:

    well, in my country i was making 350 euros, and the rent was 100. u do the math. expenses + a coffee sometimes + clothes ( i am a girl after all )
    i sympathize … i wish i could help. really i do, i like u guys a lot. u make my day a little brighter with ur books and humor and your posts 😀

    tho i am still wondering if u´re together or not. little mysteries of life.
    here´s hoping it will get better!

  3. erin o'quinn says:

    Theo Fenraven, you seem like a survivor. When edits slow down, you will find another–or additional–house to edit for. When your crib gets a little shaky, you’ll find one more stable. These things I know. Your health and happiness, and that of AJ–those are the uncertainties, the holes in the fabric that cannot be patched, the ones that show elbows and knees poking through. Those are the wefts in the fabric that I hope will strengthen and stay taut for you and your loved one, so that the the joys in life can be woven over them. Happy holiday to you and yours. Slán, Erin

    • Thanks! You’re right. I am a survivor. Nothing gets me down for long and I’m already looking for another publisher to work with. I may freak out at 3am every once in a while but down deep, I know I’ll be okay.

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