More Money Flies out the Window on Wretched Little Wings

This morning, I knew I had to register the car in Minnesota or suffer the consequences; my tags are up on 9/1. So I went online to check what I needed and where to go and went there.

Of course I got lost. The internet didn’t tell me the DMV was located on the second floor of a huge Sears building, so I drove right past. I figured there’d be a sign, ya know: DMV HERE with big-ass arrows pointing to it.

In the heart of downtown, gawking at the great architecture and sculptures, I parked and started walking, soon realizing I was lost. I accosted two pretty girls and asked for directions. They were happy to help me.

After another aborted attempt, I finally got on the right street and, because I was looking for it, finally saw a tiny sign beside the road that announced the DMV was in the Sears building on the second floor.

I parked, went up, took a number, and lucked out; they blew through the five numbers ahead of me and it was my turn. I left ten minutes later and $150 poorer.

So let’s add this month’s expenses up, not counting gas and food and car payment and utilities, shall we?

$150 for car registration

$420 for new glasses because the old ones broke.

$560 for car insurance in my new state.

If anyone still wonders why I canceled my trip south, wonder no more! Now excuse me while I google plasma centers and found out how much they’ll pay me for my blood.





About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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6 Responses to More Money Flies out the Window on Wretched Little Wings

  1. Nobody says:

    no offense, but what kinda glasses are they? made of GOLD? i used to wear glasses also, but they never cost me more than 100 and a bit Euros.
    now i wear only contacts.

    and poor you! with the car and everything.
    and blood? try sperm bank.

    • LOL Sperm bank. Never occurred to me.

      I had to avoid road construction today; they’re building a new light rail. I wonder how much that will cost as opposed to maintaining a car in St Paul?

  2. erinsromance says:

    Hi you, I finally made the connection between Theo the blogger and Fen the other person…doh! Thanks for reading/responding to my Gaelic blog. Did you make it over to The Man in Romance? I like your blog today, kind of a poor man’s Odyssey. Very poor….Great how blogsites allow all of us to kind of philosophize and internalize all the while talking to possibly billions. Slán, Erin

  3. Nobody says:

    umm, I don´t know if u´ve seen this, tho probably u are sick of editing and such, but … maybe u are interested?


    i am sorry if i crossed the line here, in advance.

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