Worse and Worse in the World of Property Management

Most of you know I work part time as a property manager. My boss is a good guy and usually, I don’t have to work too hard, but lately, it’s been hell.

A couple we decided to try out as caretakers for a building I don’t live in turned out to be a bad choice. We’re not sure they’re honest and despite getting a caretaker discount, they haven’t been paying what they owe on their rent. To make matters worse, their attitude and tone when they don’t like or disagree with something the owner says is so in your face as to be downright scary. They called me too many times to count to yell at me about something or other. I refuse to take their calls now.

I ask you, is there any employee alive that doesn’t know when you talk to a boss like that, you get fired? But he insists he’s not fired because the owner didn’t give him a reason. He should ask me, I’d give him one: his woman.  She is the main reason we fired them: she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She was always extremely confrontational with both of us.

Once again this month, they shorted us on the rent, barely giving us enough to cover what they still owed from last month. When the owner picked it up (I was with him), the man started harassing the owner again, insisting he’s still caretaker blah blah. He even followed the owner through the building, telling him “We’re not talking until I say we’re done talking!” and calling him names and, well, being a super-sized prick.

We are filing a complaint with the courthouse today and a date will be set for the hearing. We want them out and we’ll do anything to make that happen, but it looks like they’ll be there through most of the month because of the time it takes to get these things accomplished.

My boss has told me I am not to be there alone. We go together to get things done or not at all.

Where the hell is my pepper spray?



About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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10 Responses to Worse and Worse in the World of Property Management

  1. AJ Rose says:

    Yeah, where the hell is your pepper spray?

    • Owner hasn’t bought it yet. I may have to fetch it myself, because man! I do not like going over there lately.

      • AJ Rose says:

        I’d offer to go with you every time, but something tells me that would make it worse since Fucktard already refers to you as ‘that’, given the differences in your views. Shoving it in his face with my presence could make him more violent.

        Take care of yourself, babe. When you go over there, dial 911 on your phone without hitting send so it’s ready to go if he ever comes after you.

  2. W. Lotus says:

    People like that scare me. Stay safe.

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