Stuck in Those Doldrums Again!

Seems to happen every time I finish a book: I slide to a dead stop and do no writing for days. My brain shuts down, thoughts don’t connect, and I can’t seem to string more than a few words together at a time. Grocery lists are about as complex a thing as I can handle.

I admit, this used to worry me, but now I just nod, sigh, and take it in stride. The Muse, that fickle bitch, is off kicking up her heels for someone else and I simply have to wait until she gets tired of acting out and comes back to me. 

In the meantime, I do some reading, get extra sleep, put in more hours on the job, and watch TV. Not network television, or even cable/satellite, but Netflix and Amazon. I can’t stand the commercials anymore. If I really want to see a series, I’ll wait for it to be streamed or released on DVD. I am all advertisers’ nightmare.

AJ and I are watching Andy Griffith tonight. Well, I’m watching, he’s down with a migraine. Griffith’s the sheriff of Mayberry, Opie still has all his hair, and Don Knots steals every scene he’s in. This is what they call ‘gentle comedy,’ and it’s very effective, but I started wondering why there weren’t any gay people in that town. There was Otis the drunk, Aunt Bee the futsy old maid, a couple of ‘fancy women,’ Floyd the barber, Gomer the gas station attendant… a entire host of stereotypes, all in one show!

So why not the gay interior decorator? That stereotype would have fit right in with that crazy bunch. Come to think of it, toward the end there, they had Howard the city council guy. He was so gay, I’m surprised he didn’t carry a purse. Hey! Floyd wasn’t married. Barney wasn’t married. Gomer wasn’t married. Bee wasn’t married. No one on that show was married!

Revelation! Everyone on that show was GAY! They just couldn’t talk about it at that time.

That raises the bigger question: Is everyone in the south secretly GAY? Woohoo!

*watches episodes with new interest*

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Theo Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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15 Responses to Stuck in Those Doldrums Again!

  1. AJ Rose says:

    Did you steal some of my drugs last night?

    Don Knots stole every show he was a part of. I loved him as Mr. Furley in Three’s Company. Irritated the hell out of me when Mr. Roper replaced him.

    But even on that show they couldn’t talk about how Janet and Chrissy were probably slipping into each other’s beds and Jack was totally using the girls as a unique form of beard.

  2. I’m always depressed when I finish something, and only feel better when I start on something again. I tend to bounce between longer and shorter works, writing short stories when I’m a little brain dead. I don’t know, after doing NaNoWriMo I seem to have less of an “off” switch. The worst is when I’m in an intense editing phase, where I’m just revising and not writing. Then I’ll pout.

    • Yeah, I don’t like that much either. I do know an author who loves self-editing. He goes over everything, again and again, until it’s perfect, and that focus really shows in the published title. He’s incredible. But I tend to get antsy and tired when I go over my stuff too often. That’s why I use betas; I depend on them to catch the things I miss.

      • Betas are so important anymore, regardless of how you publish (self or traditional). I’ve actually been talking about them on my blog, even though I don’t have a ton of success with them. I keep being tempted to publish this one little story I wrote, but no one’s looked at, and I really shouldn’t. For all I know, the whole thing is confusing as hell (it involves two women interacting with their sexual fantasies as they fool around).

      • The right beta is worth his weight in gold. :)

      • AJ Rose says:

        Yes. Yes I am.

        *runs further out of smacking range*

    • AJ Rose says:

      Revising and self-editing is my least favorite part of writing, but I know how necessary it is.

      Otherwise, my Muse has another idea lined up and screaming for my attention. Thank god, because having the time but nothing to write about would make me do more than pout.

      • I have a couple thousand words written for the sequel to Three of Swords, but I need to work out a few plot lines before I continue. And work has been sucking my attention lately. Weekend is coming, though, and that’s traditionally ‘my’ time. Very little interferes with that.

      • AJ Rose says:

        BTW I took a week off work to finish Power Exchange. So keep in mind, 130K words coming your way. *runs out of smacking range*

      • That’s huge, babe. I don’t think I could write anything that long if I tried.

      • AJ Rose says:

        I will do my damnedest to get the word count down. But I’m over 93K now and still have to write the climax and ending.

      • I know you won’t hand it over until you’ve been through it.

      • Yeah, never needing much of a plot to get started, I have a pretty easy time writing stuff.

        I would say my absolute least favorite part is those few sentences you keep revising again and again, shifting them into various permutations, none of which sound right, until you finally just cut it.

      • Oh, yeah! I know those sentences. Gotta a couple right here…

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