A Reader Emails Me and Some Photos

Got my first fan email yesterday, and it was wonderful. 🙂 Nothing makes a writer feel better than to hear a reader say they really enjoyed their book. Not only that, she went out and bought another. 🙂 Thanks, Judie.

I’ve read lots and lots of books and never once sent a fan letter. I’ll have to rectify that, because I really enjoyed meeting Judie and talking with her. She definitely made my weekend.

This first pic is for A.M.B., who wanted to see a male goldfinch. 

Who doesn’t recognize an eagle when they see one? Look at that gorgeous eye! No wonder they’re our national bird. Incredible, beautiful, strong.

The piliated woodpecker is huge, I’m not kidding. Over a foot long, head to tail. And for some reason, I think of dinosaurs when I see one. These birds are simply gorgeous! When it flew in and settled on the bird feeder, I was shocked. First time I’ve ever seen one, and haven’t again since. They’re not common at all anymore.


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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14 Responses to A Reader Emails Me and Some Photos

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Thank you! Beautiful pictures!

  2. jumeirajames says:

    What is the main difference between a gay romance story and a straight romance story? (sorry if straight is not the right word). Are they the same but one has 2 men and the other has a man-woman? I’m genuinely interested to know, this is not a left-field question.
    I’d download your book but I’m blocked from doing so in the Middle East.

    • They won’t let you download books where you live? Wow, that’s terrible! Is it because of content, or is it the site? Have you tried downloading from Amazon?

      A romance is a love story, so there is no real difference between gay and straight romances. However, there are different types of romances, i.e., some contain depictions of graphic sex and some don’t. Most of mine do, but they’re part of the story. If a book centers around sex, it’s considered erotica. All my books center around the characters and sex is only there as part of their relationship. One of my books, The Housekeeper doesn’t contain any sex description at all. It didn’t fit the story.

      Are you a writer?

      • jumeirajames says:

        Countries in the Middle East are not open societies, many aspects of life are constrained in the cause of ‘family values’. Live wit it or leave, that’s the message. Obviously anything gay is proscribed.
        ps me even writing this reply is not smart.

        • Are you native to that part of the world? Your name is listed as Jim Mcallister. Sounds American or British. ;/

          Just checked your profile and looked at your site. You’re definitely not native to the Middle East. Heh.

          • jumeirajames says:

            Born in Scotland and lived in Scandinavia, all over Europe, USA (Houston and Washington), Australia and all over the Middle East. Now in Dubai since 2001.

          • Sounds fascinating, but I would hate the censorship. I don’t think I’d do well in that culture. My mouth is too big.

            You said you were writing a book about a bisexual. Are you bisexual?

  3. jumeirajames says:

    Yes I’m a write and a painter, unpublished at present but hopefully I’ll be published this time next month. I have written most of a book about a bisexual who avenges the murder of his female twin. The bad guys think she’s returned from the grave – lots of fun.

  4. jumeirajames says:

    No, not bisexual but I have an acquaintance who is. He gives me the most amazing insights into people and their motivations. I’m enriched just by knowing him. I imagine that you can see aspects of life that are invisible to most others.
    This forum, unfortunately, is too open for the region I live in but I’m ok to discuss in a more private setting.

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