The Equal Rights Battle Continues

Most of you know I’m a property manager when I’m not editing manuscripts. Yesterday morning, I got a call from prospective tenants about an available unit in one of ‘my’ buildings. It was a guy and he was inquiring on behalf of him and his male roommate.

The apartments are one-bedroom and about 600 square feet, so… not large. I’m meeting him later this morning. I suspect they’re a gay couple.

I hope to hell they are! If they pass the background check, I’ll rent to them without question. The man who owns the building, while straight, does not discriminate. If it was legal, I’d post a sign out front, proclaiming the place was LGBTQAI FRIENDLY. It would be the coolest building in the neighborhood. 🙂

A few weeks ago, the caretakers at that building raised a fuss over a same-sex couple in the building, saying they were causing problems. I spoke with the tenants. As is usual in cases like this, each has their own side and it’s often difficult to figure out how much is truth and how much is bullshit.

The tenants insisted the caretakers were trying to get them evicted because they were gay. I spoke to the owner about it. He was adamant: “If the caretakers are causing problems because of the tenants’ sexual orientation, the caretakers are GONE.”

I was proud of him, and glad he felt strongly enough about this issue to take a stand. We continue to monitor the situation, but definitive proof of either side’s allegations has not yet been provided.

The battle for LGBTQAI rights is ongoing. Take a look at this map.

Depressing, huh? I live in one of the few states that does not discriminate based on sexual orientation, but what about all those people who do? *smh*


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4 Responses to The Equal Rights Battle Continues

  1. Thanks for this post Theo. A big part of the problem with discrimination is that it’s often invisible. Anecdotes and visuals like the map you used remind us that discrimination is alive and well in the US.

    • Yeah, I know. When I met the guys at the building today, I asked them if they were more than roommates. They hastened to tell me they were not. It was only later that I realized they may have taken my question the wrong way, even though I assured them I didn’t care.

      I had to email them a form, so I apologized if I offended them but also said I was a big supporter of LBGTQ rights. If they are gay and were afraid to admit it, I hope I reassured them. Damn, I hate it when people think they have to hide who they are.

      As the wicked witch says in Wizard of Oz, “These things must be handled delicately!” 🙂

      • I worked with a lesbian once. I figured it out pretty quickly, but it took her a bit before she was comfortable telling me.

        I can’t imagine how stressful it would be having to hide who you were though. It’s good that you take the time to reach out to people.

        • Straights don’t have to hide who they are. People assume their orientation. Anyone who doesn’t fit into that narrow sexual classification is always aware of being different, of sometimes having to choose words more carefully, of even hiding natural gestures around others. It’s a fucking travesty that our country makes it so difficult for anyone who is different.

          The same-sex couple currently in the building were happy and relieved they could be open with me about their relationship. They said they can’t wait to meet my partner. 🙂

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