Bad Moon Rising

It seems that almost everyone lately has been dealing with bad moods. They’re cranky or sad or depressed or even suicidal, so they take stock of their lives and find nothing seriously lacking. They love and are loved, they have good friends, they have an income from something or other, the car works, their insides are performing as expected…but it’s not enough. Something is wrong.

Well, duh! Something is very wrong, in this country and in the world, and you might be classified as insane if you weren’t reacting to it on some level. So yeah, once in a while you’re going to be cranky or sad or depressed or even suicidal.

Women’s rights are being systematically destroyed. Gays are attacked and bullied to the point of death. The uber rich who are running this country seemingly want to stamp the rest of us out of existence by continuing to take what little we have away. Our government is working for themselves, not us. Medical treatment is so expensive we can’t even afford it with insurance. Our food sources are being screwed with. We’re at peak oil and gasoline prices are steadily rising while everyone ignores the elephant in the living room. Population is out of control and we’re using up resources at an alarming rate. Climate change is affecting everything: our weather, our crops, how we heat and cool our homes, our water sources. 

And that’s just in this country. It’s worse elsewhere.

Whether you get your news from television or the internet, it’s full of bad tidings and dire predictions and the really awful thing about it is that it’s all true. Our society is imploding, and no one seems to be doing much of anything about it.

Can our species be saved? Do we even deserve to be saved?

The one thing that stands out for me lately is how much sheer hatred is loose in the world. Even people who should know better–educated politicians and business leaders–are targeting groups for their differences and insisting the rest of us hate them. I’ve never been so disgusted with people as during this last year of campaign rhetoric. At a time when we should be coming together, assholes are successfully managing to rip us apart.

Long ago, I read about an experiment run using mice. They were put into an area of a certain size and allowed to multiply, as mice do. I assume they were given food and water, at least enough to keep breeding.

The mice kept popping out the babies, and soon, there were too many of them in that space. They started killing each other.

People are not mice, but here we are, living in a world with inadequate resources and limited space that continues to shrink. Now add to that the knowledge that everything is going to shit and our future looks grim. Is it any wonder that hate fills the world? That people are attacked and sometimes killed for no reason at all? Some of us turn that hatred inward and commit suicide. There’s been a rash of them in Greece recently, due to their horrible economic collapse.

So when you wake up in that bad mood for no reason at all, remember that you have a reason. In fact, you have many. And because there is pretty much nothing any of us can do to change the course we have been charting for the last century, take what enjoyment you can from life. Try to appreciate every moment of every day because who knows when this party is going to end?

But end it will.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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One Response to Bad Moon Rising

  1. One word is able to summarize everything: selfishness.

    Humans are getting too selfish and self-centered. Nobody cares about anyone, just themselves. No one wants to give anything if they are not getting something in return. The anger that moves around us is our own fault.

    My only advice is to break the cycle. Yes, you have the right to feel that the world is full of cr*p, you can’t change alone the whole world but at least you can avoid being devour by the cycle of indifference. I have said it before, we don’t need aliens or a deity to destroy the world. Humanity is doing a wonderful job.

    Start with the man in the mirror. Spread goodness as much as you can. You don’t need to give up everything you have, but at least try to be kind to others once in a while. You don’t need to give much, just give what you can. Set an example. Even a simple smile or a small act of kindness could change someone’s day completely, without knowing it you could be starting a chain reaction of goodness. Be good and don’t expect anything in return. If humans would be able to think more in others instead of only themselves and their own problems, the world would be very different.


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