Property Manager Lament

I spent part of today in the office, catching up on bills and stuff, and then I drove to a post office to mail payments. And then I had the fun of creating new signs for one of the buildings, which I will tape up when I am over there in a couple hours to collect rent.

It seems the dryer in the laundry room stopped working. People complained. I called the service, who sent out a tech yesterday afternoon. I met him and let him in.

It took him about one minute to discover the problem: “Someone tried reprogramming it. That’s why it wouldn’t start.” 

Worse, someone also tried jacking the coin box to get at the money. Yeah, I work with the elite of society here. So I made a sign that reads:

The dryer stopped working because someone tried reprogramming it. If has been fixed. If this happens again, it is likely the machines will be removed and there will be no more laundry room. You will have to go to a coin laundry which costs twice as much. SAVE MONEY! Keep door locked, don’t mess with the machines. Simple.

Simple to me, maybe not so simple to others. *dark look*

Every time I go over there, I bring a trash bag because there is always litter, both inside and out. People who shit where they live don’t care much about anything. Sad, really.

This building is right across from a pretty, city block wildlife area. It’s a nice patch of green in the middle of a lot of buildings and a lot of people. It took me no time at all to figure out that this is a low-income area. I admit I don’t get it. I know there are people who grow up disadvantaged; in fact, I know a few who did and managed to overcome it. What makes people turn to crime? What makes them put on attitude and sneer at everyone else? Why can’t they answer a simple polite question with a simple polite answer? Why must they speak in a way that is meant to irritate you?

…Oh, yeah. I remember now. Half the people in this country are below average intelligence. Seems I’m dealing with some of them at this building.


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Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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4 Responses to Property Manager Lament

  1. Chris says:

    I live in building of condos, half of which are (like mine) occupied by owners and half of which are rented. Oh, does THAT get unpleasant…

    • I’m sure. Also, I see these people puffing away on cigarettes, which I know cost an arm and a leg these days, and I wonder how the hell they can afford them when they can’t pay their damn rent.

      I used to smoke, eons ago, and I have a right to bitch about others doing it. Quitting is hard but it’s not impossible. Pay your rent!

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