Bizarre Movie Day

First up: Exam. British film about eight candidates vying for what sounds like a terrific job opportunity. The entire thing takes place in one room. Sounds boring, right? Anything but. I liked the psychology in this one. The interaction between the characters was engrossing and I never knew what would happen next.

Next: 3, a German film with English subtitles. I’m’ not overly fond of subtitles, simply because you have to pay attention every minute or risk missing something, but after an uncertain start, this film sucked me in. Married couple Hanna and Simon separately meet and bed younger guy. Wife gets knocked up (too predictable by half) and the usual complications ensue. What I really enjoyed was the more graphic depiction of sex, both m/m and m/f, than is available in American mainstream films. In other words, an adult movie for adults. Improbable? Yes, but entertaining all the same. 

Both films stream on Netflix.

Secret: I’ve always wanted to be involved in a three- or foursome. I’m not talking sex, though I’ve done that and it was fun. I’m talking about an ongoing, committed relationship between three or more adults.

If you read AJ’s post this morning, you know we spent some time yesterday at the Como Park Conservatory in St Paul. I do have pics, and I’ll post them soon.


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One Response to Bizarre Movie Day

  1. Hmmmmmm… An ongoing, committed relationship between three or more adults…

    Human beings are social creatures, we are imperfect and desire many things. I can understand your wish. A multiple relationship would guarantee that many of your needs, from a relationship, could be cover. The things one person can’t give you, you could get them from the other. Apparently it could be the perfect relationship, but remember that at the same time it would mean that you would be force to satisfy the needs of more than one person at the same time.

    It’s hard to find balance and harmony between two human beings, call it love, friendship or family bonds. Good relationships mean hard work and commitment. To find an equilibrium between more than two people could be tricky. I’m not saying is impossible. But it will take a lot of work and tons of maturity to avoid jealousy, preferences and misunderstandings. It’s more complicated because human beings are many times selfish, demanding, immature and self-centered.

    Hope I was able to explain my point of view. 😛 *hugs*

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