FREE READ: Weird in Wisconsin (You’re Doing it Right)

Jude watched William bang a nail into place, arms crossed, lips turned down. “You don’t think it’s too suspicious, boarding up all the windows like this? And what the hell is there to eat out here, in the middle of nowhere?”

The sun had gone down a couple hours ago, and they worked without fear of running into stray light. William grinned over his shoulder at his long-time lover, fangs gleaming in the candlelight. “This is Wisconsin, where Jeff Dahmers and Ed Geins populate the rural landscape and no one comes calling for fear of being killed and turned into a lampshade. We’re perfectly safe.” Positioning another nail, he hammered it home. “As for dinner…there’s a cow in every back yard if we get tired of human fare, which we can fly into the cities for. It’s only about forty miles as the crow flies.” He paused to chuckle. “Or as bats fly.” 

“Ha ha.” Jude was out of sorts, having been against this move from the start. “Let’s just go back to New Orleans, where vamps are respected, and you do remember that winters here suck worse than we do, right?”

“We’ll only stay the summer and fall, and then we’ll return home.” William stepped back and admired his work. “Finished. Nice and cozy in here now!”

Nodding, Jude walked up behind him, pressing his crotch into William’s perfect ass. “Can we break in the bed now?”

William’s hands reached back to caress Jude’s lean hips. “Not hungry then?”

Jude snorted softly. “We can knock off a cow later.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the back door. Their eyes met. William said, “It’s a little late for anyone to be selling girl scout cookies.”

“Are they made with real girl scouts?” Jude joked, pulling the line from the Addams Family movie remake.

Laughing, William took his hand and led him into the kitchen, where the knocking came again. “Who is it?”

A female voice responded, “Hello? I’m your neighbor from just down the road. I thought I’d welcome you to the area with a casserole. You haven’t had dinner yet, have you?”

William opened the door, a big smile on his face. “Why no! Your timing is perfect. Won’t you come in?”

Believe it or not, it’s not unusual to see houses in rural Wisconsin with all the windows boarded up. It usually indicates an abandoned house, but in this case, there was a garbage bin at the end of the driveway and a mailbox with the flag up. My imagination ran wild…!

About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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3 Responses to FREE READ: Weird in Wisconsin (You’re Doing it Right)

  1. eeper says:

    🙂 I’m hoping your vampires here really can turn into bats. None of the other paranormal stories I’ve read lately (and there have been way, way, waaaaay too many) have that. *sigh* Where are all the oldskool bloodsuckers? (Though I’m ok with them bein’ all sexy and not emaciated moving corpses.)

    Thanks for the read!

    • Yeah, they can turn into bats. I like my vamps non-sparkly and very sexy. 🙂

      The reason I don’t write a full-length vamp story is because, as you pointed out, the market is flooded. Maybe in twenty years, when they’ve been gone a while…

  2. Sexy vamps and no disco balls. Perfect! *chuckle*

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