Things Just Got Worse

There’s something nasty happening in the publishing world today:

Dear Publisher/Indie Author,

***This message is being sent to all publishers and indie authors who
upload content to*** 

Please note that the earlier communication from us regarding PayPal’s
restriction of content is valid. PayPal has deactivated our account and
will reinstate payment processing at BookStrand once we have removed all
content that PayPal considers obscene, which includes incest,
pseudo-incest, bestiality and rape for sexual titillation.

If you are a publisher or indie author who has not uploaded titles with
restricted content to, you are not affected by our request.
For the most part, titles published by indie authors are in violation of
PayPal’s and credit card processor policies.

Howie M.


Sounds like blackmail to me.

We still do live in America, don’t we? I do not understand what is happening in this country lately. It’s as if all common sense and tolerance has been beaten to a bloody pulp, and in its place, we now have hatred, finger-pointing, and mass paranoia.

The above email include books written by incest and rape survivors. GONE! How about the shifter books? Werewolves are wolves, and we can’t have them cohabiting with humans! That’s BESTIALITY. Gone as well. And if they get their way with this, what’s to stop them from becoming even more demanding? “I don’t like stories about inter-racial couples. I consider them obscene. Stop selling them or we’ll pull the plug.” Give in once and they’ll go after more.

Blackmail. Censorship. I’m so ashamed of my country right now. The politicians are out of control, there is divisiveness at every turn, and I’m really starting to wonder if I should move somewhere else. Anyone know of a small island for sale?



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5 Responses to Things Just Got Worse

  1. Chris says:

    That’s… gah. I don’t even know what to write. I have to wonder what the text of PayPal’s obscenity policy is – is it heteronormative, for example?!!? 😦

  2. I cancelled my paypal account just an hour ago. I won’t use them again until they change their policies.

  3. Ya know, it just occurred to me: The Lovely Bones would be included in the list of stuff PayPal finds unacceptable.

    Oh. My. God.

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