Review: Blue River at Brief Encounters

Woke up on this Monday to a lovely review at Brief Encounters.

The reviewer wished it had been longer. I kind of do, too, but it was part of MLR’s holiday anthology and couldn’t just go on and on… 🙂

It still got rated A, though, brief quibble about length aside, and I thank prettyprose for saying such nice things about the story. 

Did a lot of research on this one. In fact, I remember stopping constantly to look things up: Did they have toothpaste in 1863? How about toilet paper? How did they keep foods fresh through winter? What did they wear? What did kitchens look like?

The research was half the fun. I loved it!


Update on the latest: Finished a pivotal chapter last night, and wrote to the end of Part 2. Have to go back and re-edit that section before jumping into Part 3 and the grand finale, and trust me, this one is gonna knock your socks off. 🙂

A productive weekend, though (I didn’t party): Wrote about four thousand words. Yay, me!


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