Sadness Prevails

“You’re sulking,” JJ said, giving me a look.

“I’m sad. A boy in Tennessee killed himself because he was being bullied. They called him faggot.” I leaned against him. “Intellectually, I understand what’s happening, but emotionally…I’m destroyed. How can people be so cruel to children? They’re not equipped to deal with this shit.”

He put an arm around me, holding me close. “It’s terrible. I don’t get it either. The world could be such a beautiful place if people would only open their hearts to one another.” 

Tears pricked my eyes. “I hate it, babe. Hate it. I want so badly to change things but the haters just keep on coming.”

“There will always be such people. Do the best you can, help those you are able to, and stay in good spirits.”

I clenched my teeth. “I want to kick ass.”

“And what would that accomplish?”

“It would make me feel better.” But he was right. Violence rarely solved anything. “People have to be stronger. They have to realize they can handle negative shit. Kids have to be imbued with that strength by their parents and community. How the hell can we make that happen?”

“Let’s think about that.” His lips grazed my temple. “You can’t change the world in one night.”

“I think…I want to live on another planet. I don’t like this one much anymore. Kids killing themselves because of bullying, equal rights for some but not all, religious nutcases forcing their tenets on others, the super rich running our government and dictating how much shit the less entitled should put up with…Vulcan. Yeah, that would be good. I’d like to live on Vulcan. Logic dictates a certain attractive mode of behavior.”

He laughed softly. “Sounds good, sweetie…but there is no Vulcan.”

“There would be if we wanted it badly enough.”

“You’re tired. You’ve had a stressful week.” He stood, holding out a hand to me. “Bed now.”

Nodding, I laced my fingers through his. “Sounds good. I need to stop thinking about all this for a while, or I’ll go mad.”

“It’s the world that’s mad, not you.” He led me into our bedroom, which I always think of as sanctuary. 

Within moments, we were undressed and sliding under the covers, shivering from the cold and holding each other close until our body heat warmed the sheets. Suki lay against my back, a feeling I’d learned to love. 

“What are your plans tomorrow?” he asked, looking into my eyes.

“Working on the phoenix story, but only after I’ve slept in.” I smiled at him. “I’m not getting up until after 9.”

“I envy you.” 

We kissed and touched and conversation ended, as it should. He was the perfect distraction for the insanity running loose in the world.


About Fenraven

Fenraven happily lives in south Florida, where it is really hot most of the year. Find him on Twitter, Google +, and Facebook by searching on 'fenraven'.
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2 Responses to Sadness Prevails

  1. abichica says:

    It’s always such a nice thing to have someone who loves you enough to distract you from all the misery in the world.. And i also was very deeply touched and saddened by what happened to the boy, it has been happening a lot this year and i just don’t know how to stop it..

    • And unfortunately, there’s plenty of misery going around right now. I swear, some days I really do want to be on another planet, far away from this craziness.

      I have to remember to take one giant step back from it all, look at it from a comfortable distance, because otherwise, I might go a little nuts.

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