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I had a few minutes to kill, so I visited Goodreads. Several people have reviewed Numbers, which was released a couple weeks ago.  I was so flattered by what they said that I’m going to repost three reviews here. (Yes, my ego does need occasional stroking, and I thank these people for being my strokers today.)

Beatrice said: I’m really glad I checked out the chat with Theo Fenraven and won a copy of this book; otherwise, I would’ve passed on this short story because in general I don’t read them that much.

This was filled with playful and witty banter and was funny and cute at the same time. Despite the short length, the main characters felt really appealing to me and weren’t cookie-cutter at all. A secondary character, T-Bird, was probably present for five paragraphs but I felt like he was given some sort of personality. Great job on characterization.

The reasons Kellan gives are sometimes outrageous and so random but I think it just adds to the overall charm of the book. The incident with the paper plane was funny and will probably stay with me for a long time.

Really entertaining for a short story.

Ami said: This short story is cute for one reason — the “reasons” that Kellan throws to JD whenever JD asks why they’re not good together. See, when Kellan tells JD that there are a hundred of reasons why, JD throws some of the numbers randomly. Like this for example

“Number eighty-eight.”

“Your forehead is too high.”

Of course, the most beautiful answer is when JD asks reason #1. Love that part. It’s just fun to read and makes me chuckle a couple of times. Pretty enjoyable for a short story.

Mary said: Very fun, the witty banter and simmering passion beneath the surface was a blast to read. Highly entertaining.

I’ve been telling you how amusing this story is, and now there is proof! 🙂 So if you haven’t purchased it yet, click over to the Published Works entry at the top of this blog or on the cover of the ebook to the right and visit Dreamspinner Press. They will appreciate your visit, and when I get my next quarter statement, so will I.


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