Food for Thought

While the debate over what AJ Llewellyn had done or not done was reaching flashpoint, I recalled reading an article some time ago about a female writer who adopted a male pseudonym in order to make enough money to support her family. I went looking and found it again without much difficulty.

Instead of co-opting a marginalized culture in order to get ahead, she instead appropriated the straight white male, thereby acquiring all the rights and privileges conferred on them by our culture. She got more work, she got more respect, and she got more money.

I’m pretty sure there are some straight white guys out there who, after reading this, grumbled in their beers about ‘upstart women’ in the same way gay males were decrying AJ Llewellyn’s adoption of their culture in order to make a name for herself.

I don’t see a difference, do you?

In any case, the female writer in question sucessfully masqueraded as a male until (once again) someone with a chip on her shoulder outed her. One thing is clear to me: You really have to watch out for people who might want to stab you in the back for any or no reason if you’re going to try and pull off something like this.

I scanned some of the comments appended to the article, and almost all of them were encouraging and supportive, just like the ones added to AJL’s blog post.

I admit to continued confusion over this issue, and I feel like I’ve said enough about it for now, but I did want to post this link to another viewpoint in the continuing discussion of gender swap and the reasons why people do it.


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