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Wherein We Discuss What a Tad Is

JJ and I got home late; we’d met for dinner at a local place and taken our time. Suki greeted us at the door and I took her for a quick walk to the back yard while he poured us … Continue reading

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The Bed Rules

JJ and I are in bed tonight, watching Netflix on television. We spend a lot of time in bed. Sleeping, of course, but also reading, writing, making use of various entertainment outlets, like Blu-ray, Netflix, etc. Lovemaking. <–yes, it gets … Continue reading

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Role Play Reminiscence

“What do you miss most about role playing?” JJ asked. We were just finishing up dinner and considering how to spend the evening. “That question came out of thin air.” “You’ve mentioned it several times in your entries, and why … Continue reading

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Sunroom HDR

For those of you who aren’t photographers, HDR stands for high dynamic range. It’s a technique for getting the widest possible range in a photo, from darkest darks to lightest lights without losing detail or blowing out the whites. Taking … Continue reading

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Another Marathon

JJ returned from his walk with Suki to find me camped out in front of the TV in the bedroom.  “Not another Glee marathon!” he groaned, removing Suki’s leash and harness. She immediately jumped up on the bed and walked … Continue reading

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