Progress is Made

I took the bird feeder down yesterday, and they simply can’t believe it isn’t there anymore. I feel bad about it, I really do, but I moved it to the new place. I’m hoping to see a few “new” birds when I set it up there. Like all windows, mine have screens, so I’m contemplating the best place to put it where I can surreptiously take pics  of the visitors without unnerving them. If the shed had a back door, that would be my answer; I’d put the feeder up at the edge of the woods and shoot from the darkness inside. However, there’s a space between the shed and house where I might be able to sit undetected. That would work splendidly.

The big furniture and most of the boxes went up yesterday, which means my current home is down to bare essentials. I slept on a blowup bed last night, and it sucked. First, because it’s on the floor, and I ached so bad by bedtime, it was hard to get down, then back up off it. I am contemplating taking an Advil this morning; because of possible side effects at my age, I rarely use it, but ow! I really hurt this morning. Second, because sleeping on the floor is cold in winter, even in south Florida. I had to get an electric throw and put that under me. That worked great! I was toasty the rest of the night. Third, because I have to rearrange the few things I still have here to be able to work. That’s on the agenda as soon as I’m functional again.  Continue reading

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Blue Skies, Aching Body

After going back and forth with R over him helping me move so I could save $1000 on pro movers, I finally caved. That’s a lot of money, and if I don’t have to spend it on a moving company, that’s good! Today I had to drive to Lake Placid to get keys and the title, so he loaded his trailer and SUV with things from the lanai, and I shoved everything I could in the Prius.

The drive was restful. Light traffic, no wind… and beautiful blue skies. I arrived first. The keys and papers were inside. The realtor had left the door open. That’s an indication of how safe it is. 🙂

After I off-loaded my stuff, I sat in the lanai and gulped water. Suki sniffed in corners, drank water, and wandered around, very happy to be somewhere new.

I suddenly realized how quiet it was. I heard no bass, no cars, no noise of any kind… my gawd, it was like I’d gone to heaven. Wonderful! Sitting in my living room at the current rental, I hear the constant rumble of traffic and the occasional thumping bass. It is not quiet here, which is one reason why I’m moving. Continue reading

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Diamonds and a Bridge

I probably won’t be blogging much, if at all, until after I move. I’ll be editing AJ Rose’s new book and preparing for the move.

I processed these photos today. To see detail, please click on the photos.

I saw this anhinga perched on a branch in a nearby canal. Even when I circled back on the moped, he stayed to let me take pics.

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Why Hasn’t Teleportation Been Invented Yet?

Moving would be so much easier if we could teleport. Actually everything would be easier. I hope they’re working on that. Imagine how cool it would be if we could send stuff from here to there. No mess, no fuss. Done!

Because we are not yet living in the Star Trek universe, I spent the morning packing and cleaning. I’ve cleared three closets and one room. Living room is pretty much done except for minor items. Progress has been made!

I also shut down the desktop machine so I could pack the peripherals. I’ll be working on the laptop until after the move.

There are signs I may be able to move ahead of schedule. I should know within a week. In the meantime, prep continues. Next up? Dealing with utilities and internet. I have a list. 🙂 Continue reading

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Move Update and Pop’s Town

I’m currently in limbo, waiting for the owner to at least start the carport build before wiring the balance due. It’s possible he can’t afford to proceed until I pay. I can understand that, but he should talk to me about it. Either way, I’ll have to close this deal by 1/25, so I can pick up the keys before the scheduled move. If he reneges, we go to arbitration, but I hope to hell that doesn’t happen. It’s stress I don’t need right now.

With about two weeks to go, boxes are stacked against the walls in most rooms. I spot-clean when in the mood, but I’m going to have to get serious about it soon. I’m not a great housekeeper. There’s no clutter, nothing is rotting in corners, and I keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, but I hate dusting and vacuuming.

Meh. After I die, no one will care if there’s dust on the TV stand, ya know? No one will care. I certainly don’t.

Lists. I have lots of them. Utilities to start, utilities to end, addresses to change–moving is a pain in the butt, but after doing it six times in the last eight years, I’ve got it down to a science. The only difference is that I’m older now, and my back does not enjoy it as all.  Continue reading

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