Photos: R’s House

For those of you keeping track, R moved to Florida several years ago, after retiring at 58 from a Fortune 500 company. He lived in the first house about five years, then sold it and bought another. That would be the lake house. I’ve posted lots of pics taken there.

Recently, after finally selling the house in Wisconsin, he bought yet another place. This one has a pool. It’s nicely laid out and has a large fenced backyard, but it needs a lot of work. He’s planning to rent this one a while, then flip it for a profit.

I was over there today with the camera. I took no pictures inside. It’s ugly. Dirty carpets, furniture odds and ends, bit and pieces of shit everywhere… Nope! Stayed outside. Got some cool shots. 🙂 Continue reading

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Friday Photos

This tree is full of bees, and I’m guessing that means it’s full of honey. Usually, they’re buzzing in and out, but the day I took the picture, it was quiet. I see a few bees around the edge of the bottom hole, though, so they’re still there. What caught my eye was the one red leaf against a bright blue sky. That vine climbed all the way to the top and over. tenacious-1-30-17-sm

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Photo Monday

This first pic was taken in R’s backyard just before we sat down to my birthday dinner. The sun was setting. The light is always interesting at that time of day. I also admit to loving anything that sparkles. This is one of his solar lights. I like the “cracked” pattern in the glass. Yes, I’m weird. light-ball-2-2-17-sm

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Photoshop & Topaz: Winning Combination

You already know I love Photoshop. I use the CS6 version because I refuse to pay a monthly fee to access their goddamn cloud crap. Lately, everyone seems to think users are made of money. I am not. If I can’t buy the software outright, I will not use it. So I stick with what I know, and mostly, it serves me well.

The only plugins I use are from Topaz. Their products are good, and they allow free upgrades once you purchase them. I have several, but the ones I use consistently are Adjust, DeNoise, and Simplify.

And now a word on masking: if you use Photoshop and don’t know what that is or how to do it, LEARN. A layer mask lets you bring things in from another layer. Layers are the magic of Photoshop.  Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m sixty-five and officially eligible for Medicare. Given what the Republicans are doing to the ACA, I’m glad I no longer have to depend on it. However, the GOP has also talked about gutting Medicare, so who the hell knows what is going to happen under our new <gag> president?

I can’t say his name. He pisses me off really bad, and so do the Republicans in control of Congress.

But on to more cheery things: photos.  Continue reading

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