It’s been slow going on the WIP, even though I’m nearing the end. In my defense, I’ve suffered some physical setbacks which have made me too cranky to write. The appendectomy you already know about. Coinciding with recovery from that was a back molar causing me so much pain, I had to have it extracted. The dentist said it was cracked. If I’d opted for the root canal 99 percent of dentists seem to recommend, that money would have been wasted.

I found a new dentist, and he didn’t harass me about a root canal. He was extremely careful to identify the correct tooth to pull (yes, there was some doubt), did the procedure following the initial consultation (instead of making me come back), and charged me a reasonable amount. I liked this guy so much, I’m using him from now on. Plus he accepts insurance, which my previous dentist did not.

But the pulled tooth meant going through yet another recovery period. I’m at the tail end of two weeks now, and my mouth is almost back to normal. And wow, it’s nice being able to drink ice water again!  Continue reading

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Photos: Fall

I’m doing fall today, because Florida doesn’t have it, and I miss it! These pictures were taken in Wisconsin. All are clickable if you want to see the uploaded size… and I recommend it! Sink into the COLOR.

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More Before/After Photos

I’ve been using all my graphic programs lately (PS, Aurora18, Luminar), testing what they can and can’t do. Every photo is different, so you can’t use the same settings over and over. That might be annoying to some, but I like dealing with each picture individually. No batch processing for me.

My old stomping grounds up north got dumped on this weekend. Lots of snow fell. I’m sure it’s a mess and people are tired of shoveling, but it reminded me of pics I took when I lived up there. Neither of these photos are HDR. All are single JPGs.

In my small, Wisconsin town, people hung syrup buckets on the trees in winter. I went out one morning with the camera, suitably bundled up, and took a few photos.  Continue reading

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Before/After: Photo Makeovers

These photos are HDR, meaning they started out as exposure brackets of three and were then combined in Aurora18. After I finished messing about there, I moved them to Photoshop and used a variety of processes and Topaz filters on them.

I took this picture in Stillwater, MN, while waiting for the vertical-lift bridge over the St. Croix River to lower. I did that a lot. 🙂 It went up to allow the tall-masted boats to safely pass under it. Because this was rush hour, cars were backed up the hill for blocks. That bridge has since been closed and traffic rerouted to Oak Park Heights. While I was waiting, I took pictures of this back porch. It looks like part of a small restaurant. This was straight out of the camera, after the bracket had been combined into one shot but before any adjustments. Nice detail but noisy and flat. 

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Ah, life. Why do you suck so much?

Let’s start with the suckiest part. Cool Dudes Publishing seems to have had a meltdown. Or maybe the owner(s) absconded with the money, like the guy who started Silver Publishing. Both companies were based in South Africa. Coincidence? Who knows. The thing is, authors who trusted this “company” to handle their creative work properly aren’t getting their royalties and emails are not being answered. DO NOT USE THEM.

Next sucky thing: I’m not getting enough editing work. I just had an appendectomy. Those bills are coming in. This is not a great time for me to experience a slow-down, so if you need a good editor, or know someone who’s looking, please refer them to me. I do samples. You’ll know what you’re getting. Check out the Book Editing link on the main page menu on this blog. Pass me around. I won’t mind. 🙂

Sucky thing #3: I’m writing but it’s going more slowly than I hoped.

Sucky thing #4: a friend’s dog died. He was sixteen, but she’d had him all his life. She’s sad. 😦

That’s enough suck for now. The rest of my life is going well. I’m healing from the operation, I’ve been out on the scooter, and I’m taking photos again. Life is almost back to normal. Continue reading

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