Friday Photos: bird, dragonflies, cat, and dogs

As I type this, it’s Thursday afternoon. The final galley edit of The Flamboyant Flamingo is complete, and I’m currently working on the blurb. You know how much I love those. /sarcasm

The book should be out this weekend. I can’t think of one reason why it wouldn’t be. :)

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Asshole Alert: Cyber PC Experts, Super Scammers!

Theo Fenraven:

It’s always worth posting about phishing scammers; they get sneakier every day. Pay heed, travelers!

Originally posted on The Amazon Iowan:

customer service catSo on August 20th, my mother went to a hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was there because she’s been going back and forth to take care of my grandmother, who is dying of congestive heart failure. My grandmother isn’t getting oxygen to her brain, so she’s loopy and weird and spends a lot of time insulting my mother, because she’s not herself and is very sick. Consequently, my mother is very tired. Very. Tired.

Which is why when she went to this hotel (I won’t name it yet, unless they don’t take care of her room for that night), and when she joined what she thought was the hotel wifi and her computer began blowing up with virus warning messages, she panicked. When a box popped up saying she had viruses and she should call Apple Care and the number was next to it, she called them.

“Very helpful”…

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Flash Fic Monday: The PA

flash fic 8.24.15There was a knock at the door. “Come in,” I called, not getting up. I still wasn’t good on crutches.

A fairy came in. He was of medium height, slender, had glitter in his white-blond hair, and his T-shirt sparkled with sequins outlining a rainbow. Even his eye makeup shimmered. I looked for wings and a wand but didn’t spot them.

“Hi. I’m Jules,” he said brightly. “You must be Taylor Manning, celebrated bestselling author.”

I pursed my lips. “I thought you’d be a woman.” Continue reading

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The Flamboyant Flamingo: Cover Reveal

Alt Cover Ruthie font 800x1250

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Flash Fic Monday: The Magician

11870730_429148633938896_6084625839380773160_nOn the way back to work after lunch, I spotted a small crowd circling someone I couldn’t quite see. Curious, I moved closer and realized the knot of people were oohing and aahing at a street magician. As I jockeyed for a place that would let me watch unobstructed, he was pulling flowers out of thin air to the delight of those he presented them to. Wearing a cream hoodie and worn jeans, he smiled as he handed them out, and as they accepted the rose or daisy or tulip, there was a puff of glittering light. That explained the oohs and aahs.

Crossing my arms, I looked for the trick–usually the hand that wasn’t doing something obvious was involved–but didn’t spot anything. The guy was good. The bowl near him on the ground overflowed with money, testifying to his skill.

He twirled and made a grand gesture before magically creating another explosion of sparkles that entranced the audience. He grinned at me–no, he grinned at everyone while somehow making me think I’d been singled out. Talented and clever.

“And now for my last trick,” he said and pointed to the nearby bus shelter. “I’m going to walk through that wall in full view of you all.” He gracefully danced around back to the entrance and stepped forward to gaze at us through the dirty glass. “Watch closely!” he said loud enough for us to hear. Continue reading

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