Monday Flash Fic: Departure

13690746_1734226880158905_2703518670737977494_n“Why aren’t you packing?”

I stared out the window. “I’m not convinced we need to leave.”

Mike swatted me on his way past, holding an armful of clean underwear. “We need to leave.”

“Let’s wait another hour.”

“Five minutes!” He was in the bedroom, stuffing boxers into a soft-sided bag. “Don’t make me tie you up and carry you to the car.”

I couldn’t tear myself away from the view. “But this is where we met and fell in love.” Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Phones

For the longest time, I used a basic phone while everyone around me pecked and peered at their smartphones. Some people even tried to make me feel uncool because I didn’t have the latest model.

What does a basic phone do? Make and receive calls, send and receive texts. That’s it. Suited me fine, and then my contract came up for renewal, and I wondered if I should finally get a smartphone. I spoke to someone at Verizon, and sometime during that call, I talked myself into it.

The model I wanted was back-ordered, so I had to wait almost a month to get it, but oh, boy! Now I could have GPS, a flashlight app, and… and… I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted, but I’d figure it out.

Turns out I didn’t want anything. I use Google maps on the laptop to find out where to go and how to get back, and I have a nifty narrow-beam flashlight on my key chain if I find myself in dark places. I visited the app store and saw a lot of stuff, but nothing jumped out at me. I have a pedometer, so I didn’t need to carry a phone to track steps and distance during my walks. News headlines? I’m on a computer all day, and on social media plenty; I see ’em.  Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: The Reveal

beach entranceI hadn’t seen most of these people in a long time–my choice, not theirs–and I was nervous. No, I was terrified. My stomach was in knots, my head pounded, and my mouth was so dry, I couldn’t swallow.

Ben parked in the lot adjoining the beach where the family reunion was being held and heaved a sigh. “It’ll be fine.”

“Promise?” My voice trembled.

He swallowed, Adam’s apple bobbing. He couldn’t promise, and I respected him for not lying to make things easier.  Continue reading

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I was a hermit this week. Did an edit Monday, then turned to the WIP to do some writing. That’s going pretty well, at least at the moment. I have about ten thousand words down, and most of them are good.:)

In the evening, I streamed Netflix for a while, then read until I fell asleep. Back in the days when I had an office job and commuted two hours a day, it was a luxury to read for several hours. I can do it now anytime I like, and I still treasure that. My idea of a perfect day? Going nowhere, wearing nothing, Kindle and laptop close at hand.

Health update: many of you know I’ve been fighting a recurring UTI and not having much luck because every antibiotic they give me makes me so sick, I have to stop taking it the first or second day. The infection has gotten no worse and may in fact be going away. Secondary symptoms are pretty much gone, and I am feeling no pain, nor am I running a fever or nauseous.  Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: The Alternative

This week’s chosen pic was lovely, but I didn’t come up with anything compelling enough to write, so I decided to strike out my own again. 

woman-sitting-in-wheelchair-in-front-of-windowElaine pushed through the rec room door and gestured for Mary to enter first. “This is where most residents spend their days.” Mary was new and getting the tour.

It was a large space, with a TV at one end and a few tables and chairs at the other. The couches were old but looked clean enough. Bookshelves offered battered paperbacks and old board games.

Mary attempted to look upbeat. “Well, this looks cheery enough.”

Elaine had always been a realist. “It doesn’t, actually, but it’s the best we can do. The money only goes so far, and these people are here on the state’s dime.” Continue reading

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