Monday Flash Fic: The Picture

Cal was in the living room with his brother, Mike, and Mike’s wife, Char, looking at old photo albums. The one on Cal’s lap went back to their youth. Some of the pictures had faded, and they all smelled like smoke; their parents had been heavy smokers.

“You should scan some of these before they lose more detail,” Cal said, turning a page. The wine with dinner had made him mellow and happy, and he was enjoying this trip down memory lane. Mike sat next to him with half the album on his lap. Char hung over his shoulder, pointing and giggling at their dorkiness as kids.

Cal squinted at a photo of them on bikes. “I’d forgotten we put playing cards in the spokes to make noise. Think any of them would be worth money now if we hadn’t trashed them that way?”

“Who knows? People collect everything these days. Look at the scrape on my knee. I remember skinning it climbing down from the tree fort. That sucker bled like crazy, and it ached so bad the first night, I could hardly sleep, but the next morning, I was up in the fort again.” Continue reading

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That describes the state of my mind: blank.

I have nothing to say today, so I’ll simply post a video instead. I love the location and look of this treehouse. Incredible detail throughout! Imagine being up there in a storm.

Have a terrific weekend.

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Monday Flash Fic: Farty Arty and the Visitor

Celia, my day nurse, knocked and entered the room I shared with Farty Arty. I never called him that to his face, but the nickname sure as hell fit; the guy was the Mount Vesuvius of bad smells.

11705222_420141604839599_4243076947724359337_nCelia twitched the curtains open to reveal another sunny Florida day. “How are you, Arthur?”

Okay, I don’t share my room, and I’m Farty Arty. A guy’s gotta have some fun at eighty-three, doesn’t he? I wasn’t kidding about the stink though. Sometimes I thought I was rotting from the inside out.

“Same as always, Celia. Glad to wake up one more morning.” I stretched, bones creaking ominously, but I was used to it. I’d been old a long time.

“Oh, you’ve got several good years left,” she said, as always. “You don’t look a day over eighty.” She winked, as always. Celia needed to develop new material; the current stuff had gotten stale months ago. “Someone’s here to see you.”

Ah, shit. Another one looking for closure. After the cops had done all they could, and it was too late, they sent them to me. But I could no more turn them away than I could voluntarily stop breathing. “Breakfast first, then I’ll see her.” I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat afterward so best to do it beforehand. Continue reading

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It’s Out!

Cover original 200x300 AReHalf Moon House is now available at ARe (click on the avi to get the link or go to Published Titles in the menu bar).

It’s up at Amazon.

The title will also shortly be available at iBooks, Oyster, Kobo, and other vendors.

This book had a long and not always pleasant journey, but I’m excited about the final result.

If you read and enjoy it, I’d appreciate a review at Amazon or GoodReads. Thanks!

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Half Moon House Excerpt

I’m about through the final edit; the book should be available this weekend on Amazon, ARe, and other places. Because B&N is making noises about shutting down Nook, I’ll no longer be uploading books there. If you need an ePub format, please go to ARe.

Here’s the beginning of chapter one. Hope you enjoy. :)


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