Free Read: Bad Fit, Chapter 2


Kol accepted an incoming call, and a holographic image of his friend Laran popped up in front of him.

“How are they doing?” Laran was smoking a pipe; his head was wreathed in smoke.

“They’ve found the hut.”

“How long did it take them?”

“Almost four hours.”

Laran smacked his lips together delicately. “Slow. Mine found the hut in the first hour.”

Kol restrained himself from making a nasty comment. He and Laran had been in competition with each other for years, and he’d learned, no matter what he said, Laran would somehow counter with a remark that somehow bested Kol. “I think it was smart of them to explore the perimeter before going inland.”

Laran blew out smoke that changed color from yellow to pink to chartreuse. “We’ve debated this before. Let’s not do it again. What are they doing now?”

“Constructing an SOS sign on the beach. And I’ll remind you your pair wouldn’t touch the food or water for nearly seven hours, they were so afraid of being poisoned. Mine already ate and drank.”

Laran sniffed. “Well… I could have poisoned it. They didn’t know. They showed good judgment to wait.” Continue reading

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Free Read: Bad Fit

Short story in four chapters. 
Genre: Horror
Words: 4321



I woke up on a beach with a pounding headache and dry mouth. I was wearing a T-shirt that said More Love, Less Hate, a pair of jeans, and sneakers. I still had my wallet, and my phone was in a front pocket; I never put it in back after sitting on the previous one and breaking it.

Wishing I had Tylenol or Advil, I stared at the aqua water beating on the shore. To the right, the beach seemed to stretch on forever before rounding the far curve of this place. On the left, the beach stopped at a thick strand of trees that grew right down to the water.

Panic surged through me. I didn’t know where I was or how I’d gotten here.

“Where the hell am I?” a woman said behind me. Continue reading

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Countdown Begins!

… Not to the New Year, which is over. Fuck 2016, right? What a crappy year, and Rump was the cherry on top of one of vilest sundaes ever made. I watched a video this morning, wherein one of Bernie’s venues was compared to one of Hillary’s, and it made me tear up. I am not joking. I wanted to weep. I mean, there are thousands and thousands of people screaming and yelling and cheering for Bernie at one of his rallies… and then there’s the sad sight of about fifty people standing around in a meeting room for Clinton.

Bernie would have won against Rump, that fucker. I’m sure of it, and instead of walking around shell-shocked and terrified, waiting for disaster from a man who wasn’t even good in business, and knows nothing about how government works or a country is run, we could have had BERNIE. Progressive, forward-thinking, man of experience: BERNIE. Goddamn the DNC and media for their pig-headed stubbornness in deciding only HRC could be the Democratic candidate. They have ruined us. They may have destroyed what’s left of America. Kiss the ACA goodbye, folks; it’s #1 on the GOP hit list. Next on their docket: destroy Social Security and Medicare. You assholes who voted for Rump are gonna be so, so sorry, and the opportunity to say “I told you so” doesn’t even matter, because the rest of us are going down with you.  Continue reading

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Photo Friday: New Camera

canon_9543b001_powershot_sx60_hs_digital_1080919I shouldn’t have done it. I couldn’t really afford it, but I could resist no longer! I bought a Canon SX60 HS. It has an amazing 35mm equivalent of 1365mm and takes HD videos. Photos are also 16MB, as opposed to 10MB with the old camera. Larger pictures give you more options.

I considered going to a Sony DSLR, but the idea of buying additional lens and dragging them everywhere I go… couldn’t do it. Not to mention the cost. I really like the all-in-one prosumer cameras Canon offers. They aren’t perfect, but they’re damn close for my needs.

I’ve been playing with it for a few days days, and I’m already convinced it was an excellent purchase. I also bought a memory card almost three times faster than the one I used in the SX50; it arrived Wednesday. It was taking too long to save photos to the card, and I realized I needed an upgrade.

I shot vid of a little blue heron hunting in the canal. The color and focus was stunning! In these last three weeks before I move to the new place, I will be spending a lot of time on the canal, getting pictures and video. The one mistake I made in the past was not shooting enough video, especially of my friends and especially during our “family” gatherings. It would be nice to watch them now, hear their voices, remember what it was like.

My advice to you: if you have the capability of recording the people and events in your life, DO IT.  Continue reading

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White Collar: After Paris 7


Three Months Later

parisflowermarket3Neal was in Paris at his apartment, watching Harris paint on the balcony. The afternoon light was soft, the breeze fragrant with the smell of new leaves and flowers. He loved Paris in the spring.

“After you graduate next week, why don’t you come to New York?”

Harris’s hand slowed. “I suppose I could, but who’ll take care of this place?”

“It’ll be okay for a month or two. It has a good security system, and I’ll set up web cams I can keep an eye on from the States. If I see anything suspicious, I’ll call la gendarmerie. Don’t you want to travel a little, now you’ve graduated? See your family and friends again?”

The brush stopped. “I’d rather spend time with you.” Continue reading

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