Ode to Fall

The only thing I really miss, living in Florida, is fall. Today I’m going to post a few of my favorite autumn photos. And next time, I might post a few more. 🙂

All of them have been specially processed to reflect the magic and color of the season.

We start with a pic I took at Sandrock Creek, WI. The river was low that year, but the light was perfect. You can’t see it in this shot, but to the left is a cliff with drawings on it. 

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Before/After: Various

A couple weeks ago, I took a picture of a passthrough on a large canal. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it then, but this morning, I did.

Here’s the original. 

I saw possibilities! 🙂

This is what I ended up with. Continue reading

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New on Red Bubble: Anhinga

The anhinga is the Florida bird, if you ask me. It swims!

I love this creature, and I’ve taken a lot of pictures of it. In this one, the pose almost suggests coyness, even flirtation. The wings are neatly folded, which is unusual, as you usually see them spread when the bird is on land. 

This photo is now available on Red Bubble.

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Perfect Storm

No photos today, but a cautionary tale about dealing with the post office.

My brother, who lives in MN, sent me something important via certified mail, which requires a signature. Maybe he’d had one too many drinks, but he screwed up the house number. When it arrived in FL, it was marked undeliverable.

According to what I read online, they’re supposed to hold it for fifteen days. When I spoke with a PO rep at the national number, she said they’re not required to hold it that long if the address is incorrect.

To add to the confusion, my brother didn’t tell me the tracking number or even how he sent it until I hadn’t gotten it after a week. Yeah, he’s great at communicating, can you tell? Continue reading

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Three New Photos

I’ve been working really hard the last couple of weeks, and this evening I decided to take a break. I downloaded pics off the cameras and dove in.

I don’t remember where I took this picture, but as you can see, the dragonfly was quite small. He’s perched on barbed wire. I do recall he practically begged me to take his photo.  Continue reading

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