When Momentum Fails

Recently, I experienced a long stretch of work where I was editing every day, including weekends, for about five weeks. During that time I did no writing at all. That was a problem, because prior to scheduling that bunch of edits, I’d been giving the WIP a lot of attention and managed to get back the momentum I’d lost the last time I worked several weeks in a row.

Losing momentum when writing takes no time at all. Schedule a couple days off, and it’s gone. Getting that momentum back is a struggle, and it’s getting harder all the time.

Editing is a job that requires 100 percent focus every minute of every hour you do it. Daydream for even a few seconds, and you might miss something. It’s a demanding, exhausting way to make money, and while I enjoy the process, I also wish I could afford to quit.

I can’t be creative after fixing someone else’s manuscript six to eight hours a day, and not only because I’m tired of sitting in front of a computer. My head is awash with all the things a writer shouldn’t do, and even the best of us make those mistakes, me included. Just ask my betas. ;)  Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: Voyage

13237654_517777565076002_2113924746057962200_n“Don’t go.”

We stood in the middle of the street, hugging fiercely while revelers partied around us.

“I’ll be back.” The odds weren’t in my favor.

“I’ll wait.” His voice was hoarse from crying.

I knew he meant what he said in this moment, but two-and-a-half years was a long time. There’d be someone new.

I whispered against his ear, “I won’t sleep tonight.” I was too excited. I was also terrified. “Stay with me until dawn?”

He sniffled. “Just try and get rid of me.”

The first manned Mars mission lifted off at 0700, and I would be on it.


Genre: SF
Word count: 100
Read more flash fics here.


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Friday Photos

An interesting thing happened last night. There is a canal wall on my side of the water, and residents at the condos stroll the sidewalk, often with their dogs. If you walk the entire thing, end to end, it’s a mile. A good distance to stretch the legs.

Generally, I keep an eye on the canal. One never knows what one will see, and there are plenty of interesting fish in the water, including tilapia with their blue lips, catfish, bass, gar, and some striped cuties with bright, yellow-circled eyes.

I wasn’t paying much attention that evening… until I suddenly was. One of the gators was stalking me, moving at the same speed I was and gradually moving closer and closer to the wall. That was freakout #1.

I did a quick visual check to see if there was any way he could crawl out and join me on the sidewalk. Nope. Water’s low this time of year–summer rains haven’t started yet–and he’d have to leap into the air and across space to reach me.

I stopped. He stopped. He was no more than three feet away, though he was below the level of the wall. He rested in a clear spot–no greenery–and I saw the entire length of him, including legs and feet with claws. Gorgeous creature! I cursed myself for not bringing the camera.

“You’re pretty,” I said, “but I won’t feed you.”

Our eyes met, then in a flash, he turned and vanished, diving under the green stuff and surfacing across the canal. That was freakout #2. He moved so fast, he was gone in an instant. I have rarely seen anything move that quickly. It was eye-opening.  Continue reading

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Quickie Update

I’m booked with editing jobs until mid-June, and that’s keeping me busy.

Two of the three beta copies are back for No Man’s Land. The final edit will be happening soon, and the cover is finished, so this title should be released in the next few weeks. Watch this space for the date and the cover reveal!

I’ve already started writing the new one. I have about four thousand words down already. The premise came to me during a nighttime daydream, and after some tweaking and further thought, I decided it warranted a book. This one’s gonna be strange, because I’m combining elements from several different ideas that have been banging around in my head for weeks, even months, and concerning one particular aspect, years. I’m excited to be working on this one.

Last week, I got the rights back to Blue River, and that one has been reedited and is out with betas right now. I hope to re-release that one in early June. It’ll get a new cover, of course, and I’m already considering one or two ideas.

Now you know why I didn’t write a flash fic for today.:) But I hope to be back Friday with photos. Have a great week!

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Friday Pics

As most of you know, I suffered a fairly major infection last week and was put on some fierce antibiotics. I was okay until the fifth day, when my right leg and arm starting acting up. My doctor took me off the drug last Monday, but I’m still experiencing pain and discomfort. This side effect seems to be hanging in there, which displeases me more than you can imagine.

I did, however, take a couple of short walks today, and I continue to drink lots of fluids. One of the fluids today was scotch. My first alcohol in eight days! Tasted good.:) Also helped with the pain. Heh.

I have spoken with my doctor’s office a second time, and it was mutually agree I wait until Monday before making an appointment. With luck, I won’t need one.  Continue reading

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