Photo Friday

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“The Loggerhead Shrike is a songbird with a raptor’s habits. A denizen of grasslands and other open habitats throughout much of North America, this masked black, white, and gray predator hunts from utility poles, fence posts and other conspicuous perches, preying on insects, birds, lizards, and small mammals. Lacking a raptor’s talons, Loggerhead Shrikes skewer their kills on thorns or barbed wire or wedge them into tight places for easy eating. Their numbers have dropped sharply in the last half-century.” It didn’t sing while I was taking photos of it, but it looks like it could kill something without a problem.😉loggerhead-shrike-9-11-16-sm

While the shrike was in the dead tree, a red-bellied woodpecker flew in. red-bellied-pecker-9-11-16-sm red-bellied-woodpecker-9-11-16-sm

Spotted a lizard on the wall of R’s house as I was going in. The outside light was on, casting a glow on him. lizard-rs-house-9-11-16-sm

This is what happens when a house plant like pathos is released in the wild.🙂 It climbs mighty trees and the leaves get really, really big. Look at the size of that runner!tree-pathos-greenwood-9-11-16-sm

Suki with her tongue hanging out. It was hot that morning. suki-at-greenwood-9-11-16-sm

Have a great weekend!

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Get ready! I’m talking about it again.

What am I blogging about today?


I get a daily email with offers of free Kindle books at Amazon. I’ve taken advantage of this many times. Who doesn’t like free books?

Unfortunately–and this must be said–books put out by publishers are still better edited than those released by (most) self-published authors. This is not to say trad published books are error-free or perfect. They’re usually not, but they are generally easier to read and contain fewer stumbling points.

The free books are almost always from self-published authors, and 90 percent of them are horrible. They haven’t been edited at all, or they were edited poorly. Reading them is a challenge, and often, I get only ten or twenty pages in before deleting it off the Kindle.  Continue reading

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This is their second year on the canal, and they recently hatched two little chicks. They are incredibly cute. Lucky for them, the ‘gators seem to be elsewhere right now. I haven’t seen them in a while. All pictures are clickable for the larger size. moorhen-5-8-26-16 Continue reading

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Photo Monday

Didn’t get around to writing the flash fic this week; I was working on the WIP, which is going well. I have about 35K written. I’ll post some photos  instead.

I’ve been sitting on several, and it was only today I got around to downloading them to take a look at what I had. I got a few pleasant surprises.

This one, for instance. Talk about drama! The shot of this roll cloud was taken out the back door. I’ll admit it looked damn scary for a while there.roll-cloud-7-12-16-sm

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Monday Flash Fic: Comeuppance

14095853_557760701077688_6996805179115462567_nHe’d been playing his guitar for half an hour, during which time I hadn’t been able to move. “My arms hurt. I’ve got a cramp in my back.”

He looked up, dark hair falling half over his eyes. “You’re complaining?”

“I’m… uncomfortable.” There was a small rock under my right butt cheek, and I was thirsty. My throat was so dry, I could barely swallow, much less talk. “What are we waiting for? And why am I in stasis?”

“Your attacker’s companion will be back with a friend or two, seeking revenge for his death.” He strummed a G-minor chord. “If you’re still, you won’t distract them or me.”

He’d saved my life, but I’d been frozen in one position ever since, and I was sore and unhappy. He could put it any way he liked; I knew I was bait.

Grinning, he ran his fingers nimbly over the strings, producing a waterfall of notes. “Patience is a virtue.”

“So I’ve heard,” I grumbled, trying to flex my hands or feet without success. If I wasn’t able to move soon, I’d go crazy.

“They’re near,” Guitar Man said. Continue reading

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