On Writing

I’m stealing the title of Stephen King’s book for this post, because that’s what it’s about: writing.

I’m talking about fiction writing, primarily books but also short stories and blogs and columns. All of it requires pretty much the same things.

Writing is something that seemingly everyone wants to do and few people have the discipline or talent for.  Anyone can scribble a grocery list, but how many can get a book published (trad or indie)?

It takes a lot of determination to finish a book. It’s hard as hell writing one, which a lot of people discover, to their amazement, and it’s no surprise when they quit after a few pages or chapters.

You give up things to write a book: dinner out with friends, movies, bar hopping, weekend trips, vacations, sex. Hell, you pretty much give up a social life. Facebook doesn’t count. That’s what you do when your brain is screaming for a break and you turn to social media to get it.

What does it take to write a book, other than giving up pretty much all external stimulus? Continue reading

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Photos: 8.19.19

R rescued a veiled chameleon from a road near his house, and because he didn’t know what it was, he took it home to find out more. It didn’t take him long to ID it.

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Before/After: Lake June in Winter

I was there early one morning, and there were no clouds. Just clear blue sky. It was so boring.

I could have replaced the sky with another one, but I decided to experiment instead.

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Black and yellow mud dauber. It flew up against the window, and I had to go outside to photograph it.  It must have just exited the cocoon, because its wings were still crumpled.

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Farty Arty and the Visitor

It’s been published online at Harbinger Press.  It’s less than a thousand words. Please read, and if you like it, share. Thanks!

“Farty Arty and the Visitor” by Theo Fenraven

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