No Flash Fic But Some Pics

I worked all weekend. Had to catch up from the day off Friday, celebrating national marriage equality! What a wonderful occasion, eh?

But I never got around to writing the flash fiction. I do have a few photos for you though.

Last weekend, I was at R’s lake house. A storm was moving in, but the sun was still shining where I was. The dead tree in his backyard looked particularly striking, so bright against the dark clouds behind it. Continue reading

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Half Moon House Cover Reveal

This is it, unless I decide to futz with it some more. Heh.

The book is still with the betas, but publication is still on-track for July. Cover original 800x479


Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: Hey, It’s a Living

I glanced at the time and hurriedly stuffed pizza in my mouth. Only a few minutes left until I started work, and I wasn’t finished eating yet; I didn’t want my stomach distracting me by growling at the wrong moment. It was always best to enter VR with a full belly and an empty bladder.

After a quick trip to the bathroom, I slid into my comfortable recliner, popped up the leg rest, and rocked back to the point where I was almost prone. An ice-cold Mountain Dew went into the cup holder. A freshly-rolled joint and lighter waited for me in the ashtray on the table to my right.

Slipping on the visor and haptic gloves, I signed into the private room I’d created for just such encounters. A client asked for an appointment, then I sent him an encrypted email with the day, time, and password. If that client didn’t transfer the correct number of credits to my account at least ten minutes before our meeting, I changed the password to lock him out. No one had ever disappointed me by not paying on time.  Continue reading

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Busy Friday

No photos today. I finally finished the WIP, named Half Moon House, a couple days ago, and I’m busy doing the first edit.

I wrote this one over such a long period of time, interrupted frequently by life and work, that it needs more than the usual quick edit. I’m approaching the halfway point on it, though. Once it’s finished, it goes to the beta readers, then back to me for the final edit and formatting.

With luck, I’ll release this one in two or three weeks.

I already have an idea of what I want to tackle next, and I think this one will be SF/Fantasy. I’m already dreaming about the story and waking up with snippets of conversation in my head. The beginning of a new book is always exciting to me because it can go in so many different directions.

What was in my head this morning when I woke up: Continue reading

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Monday Blues

I’ve been in a funk the last few days, and I’m not sure why. All I know is it’s been difficult to write to the point where it feels like pulling teeth every time I struggle to get a sentence written. I’m very close to the end of the WIP–now named Half Moon House–and usually, I’m barreling toward those words, The End, at a full speed.

But not this time. I know where I want to go, the path is clear and unobstructed, yet I can’t seem to work up any enthusiasm.

The last title I released was published a couple days after Halloween, 2014. That was eight months ago, and it’s the longest stretch between titles I’ve ever experienced. The biggest reason for that was work: I had more editing and less time to myself than ever before. It’s a fact that editing takes a lot out of me, to the point where, at the end of a day doing it, the last thing I want is be creative and write.

It got to the point where I was questioning whether I wanted to write at all anymore. It’s no secret the publishing business has changed. Thanks to Amazon, writers are self-publishing more and more, to the point where it’s nearly impossible to distinguish good books from the bad and excruciatingly awful.  Continue reading

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