Monday Flash Fic: Family Pet

“I’m going nuts!” Sean yelled, banging on the window. “This is the twenty-fifth day of rain in a row.” Throwing his head back, he howled.

I calmly tapped the Kindle to move to the next page in my book. “So? It’s not like you’ll melt.” I looked up. “Unless you’re descended from the Wicked Witch of the East? Which would be cool, just sayin’. Think of the fun we’d have sending the flying monkeys after the neighbors.”

Scowling, he dropped to the couch and bent to retrieve his shoes. “My sneaks haven’t been dry in weeks.”

“Wear your cowboy boots then.”

“You know I can’t. He likes to lick them.” He tied one set of laces, then the other. “I swear he has a leather fetish.” He popped to his feet, resigned to getting wet. “Coming?” Continue reading

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Friday Photos

I have a variety for you today, taken over the last two or three weeks.

Let’s start with a dragonfly. No matter how often I see them, I always want to take photos.  Continue reading

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Flash Fic Monday: The Last Sunset

11165318_381449828708777_3178884320167172046_n“Are you warm enough?” he asked.

“No, but that doesn’t matter.” Nestled in a cocoon of blankets, she looked up through the clear roof of the little gondola in which they sat and saw the gaudy but beautiful balloon keeping them aloft. Its twin on the other side could not be seen unless she tilted her head back so far, it hurt. A propeller at the rear provided forward momentum.

It was a wonderful device, and though she’d begged him for rides over and over, it wasn’t until she’d become ill that he relented.

Ill. An innocuous word–three letters, one syllable–that didn’t go far enough to describe the state she was in. She was dying, and they both knew it. What a shame that’s what it had taken for him to finally invite her on-board.  Continue reading

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Photo Friday

Last night, I dumped a lot of pics from the camera to the desktop computer. I also found a couple of old shots that were worth processing.

This was taken at the end of March. Suki and I had gone for a quick drive somewhere–probably the lake house–and on the way back, I spotted this male egret on a dock in the lake. I remember it being really windy that day, but I could be wrong. I stopped at home to get the camera, then drove straight back. He was still there, waiting for me. They have the most beautiful plumage, and it was almost the death of them at one time. Ladies wanted it for their hats. Male Egret 3.26.15 sm

Continue reading

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Short, Sweet, and Late

Someone just reminded me my usual blog post didn’t show up this morning.

Well, I forgot. I was also busy doing stuff for Elle King’s new release, Phoenix. R left this morning, driving north to Wisconsin, where he’ll be the next four or five weeks. AND I have work to do.

So there! I’ll be back Friday with something. :) Enjoy your week!



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