I Got Nothing

There are a bunch of photos on the camera I meant to download Thursday evening, but by the time I got home, full of wine and food, and sat down, I was exhausted. Last thing I wanted to do was put together a blog post.

So today you get this. thanksgiving-sleepy

There will be a flash fic on Monday, though. Have a great weekend.

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The Thorny Meltdown

Once again, someone in the community hasn’t performed as expected or conformed to the group’s vision of how people need to act, and the villagers are out with the torches and pitchforks, gnashing their teeth and slavering for a kill.

I’m talking about the Thorny/Missy blowup.  It seems a middle-aged woman dared to present herself online as a young gay boy, and his family and friends, writing an elaborate story of how they lived their lives–which everyone who followed the blog ate up with a spoon, me included–and worse, made and sold beautiful paintings to some of those followers. How dare she have real talent! How dare she charge money for her work!

Wait! Before you turn those pitchforks in my direction, let me assure you I was as shocked as you when I found out Thorny & Co. didn’t exist. Shocked, dismayed, and after a bit, amazed at her creativity. She created four different characters and gave them a depth some people I’ve met in real life don’t have. They struggled, they made tough decisions, they had jobs, two of them got a cat… just life. Thorny, the blog owner, was unerringly cheerful and spread sunshine around like a fairy scatters glitter. I admit it: I loved dropping by to see what they were up to next.  Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: It Was a Tuesday Night

15 - 1Mom always made a casserole for Tuesday dinner. We could never eat it all, and sometimes the leftovers lasted through Thursday. I got really tired of those casseroles, let me tell you. Made me wish Albert, my cat, was a dog so I could slip him some of it under the table when she wasn’t looking. But Albert didn’t like the casseroles either. There was no meat in them, just rice and stuff.

I ate as much as I could, filling up instead on buttered bread, then picked at it until Mom couldn’t take it anymore.

“Leave the table then, Harry,” she said, shoving her plate away and looking at it balefully. She didn’t think much of Tuesday dinner either. I think we were both wanting a good juicy steak, like the old days.

Albert and I escaped to my bedroom, where I pulled out the watercolors and a sheet of scrap paper. Albert played in the water cup, sticking his paw in, then pulling it out to watch the drips. He used to lick at them, but I guess he didn’t like the taste of the paints, and he quit doing that.

I made a mess; I usually did. So did Albert, but I couldn’t be mad at him. Dad brought him home for me just before he left. Found him wandering in an alley, he said.

“He’s naught but skin and bones, Harry.” He’d handed him to me. “You’ll have to feed him up, get him nice and fat again. He’ll make a good mouser, he will.”

Albert, resting in my arms, had looked at me with big green eyes. Under my hand, I’d felt his small sharp bones, and there’d been a patch of grease on his back. He’d need a bath, too. I’d wondered how kittens felt about baths, and an hour later, soaked to the skin, I found out. Continue reading

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The Truth

Judge not, lest ye be judged. Isn’t that how it goes? Please remember how much happiness and joy Thorny & Co. gave us.

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Friday Photos: Lake House

I’m back at R’s again today. There’s almost always something interesting to photograph there. This is Lake Camille.Lake Camille 10.18.15 sm Continue reading

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