It’s been an odd couple of weeks.

First, I continue to recover from an emergency appendectomy. I’d feel better for a while, then pain. It seems that was due to internal stitches giving way. Makes sense, but I didn’t like it. They didn’t dissolve all at once, so the pain stretched out over several days. As of last Sunday, it’s been one month.

It seems to be over now, however. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I’m still taking it easy when lifting things (is that backseat full of grocery bags too much to carry all at once?), but otherwise I’m back to normal.

What I really want to do is ride the scooter. The weather is fine! Low 80s during the day, 50s and 60s at night. But it weighs 150 pounds, and moving it around might not be wise yet. So I’m forcing myself to wait at least another week. This has been hard! I haven’t been out with the cameras in what feels like ages.  Continue reading

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2.1.18: Photos

I’m between edits again, so I’m working on the WIP. It’s now at 50K, and I begin to see how this will end. 🙂

I tend to write with only a general idea of the story and characters. If I know what’s coming, I get bored and stop. I like to be surprised, just like the reader.  Continue reading

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The Appendix Comes Out

Last Sunday, I woke with a gut pain that migrated right and down to where the appendix lives. Realizing this was no ordinary stomachache, I drove to the nearest ER, where I received a CAT scan that confirmed my diagnosis. I had surgery that night, and spent the next day hooked up to IVs.

This was only my second surgery, and it was by far the worst one. Back at home, I suffered horrible pain because I was given no painkillers. I was also not given post-op instructions on how to take care of myself. I had to go online to find out what to do about my incisions.

How did this happen, you ask?

My doctor wanted me to stay an additional night. I’d already been cleared by the surgeon to return home Monday afternoon, so I refused. A battle of wills ensued, and I ended up checking out against medical advice. That’s their term for it anyway. When you do that, they withhold ALL support, including drugs and instructions. In other words, “Go home and die then. You signed. We won’t be responsible.” Continue reading

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Every day for almost a year, I posted one of my photos in a self-created community on Google+. I eventually racked up an impressive list of followers.

But it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t getting what I needed, so I deleted the whole damn thing.

Lately, nothing is ever enough. There’s something lacking in my life, and I can’t figure out what it is.

I’m still writing, still taking pictures, and I enjoy both activities, but there’s a hole inside me, demanding to be filled.

Based on years of reading and study, I suspect that hole is always there. It’s what makes humans, as a species, continue pushing forward. That hole makes us want more, even if we don’t know precisely what that entails. We don’t settle. We don’t simply accept.  Continue reading

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After the New Year & Photos

The holiday season is over for another year, and I’m happy about that. Unlike most people, I have no family anymore to celebrate with, and my closest friends, except for R, are far away or dead. Just lost another one a few days ago.

The problem with Christmas is it’s far too commercial, and while blowing several paychecks on gifts for others isn’t the brightest idea, few can indulge anymore, even if they want to, given the country’s massive income inequality problem. The recent passing of the GOP tax bill will make everything worse. Oh, maybe not the first year, but every year after that, unless this crap is overturned, will see the lives of average and vulnerable Americans get worse financially.

I recently read that a slew of retail stores are closing in 2018. No surprise there, eh? If people have no money, they can’t buy stuff. It really is that simple, yet management everywhere is fighting against raising minimum wage, thus depriving their employees of making a living. Squeezing from the other side is a government that would abolish all safety net programs tomorrow if they could get away with it. Paul Ryan, that weasel, has openly announced they’re attacking social security and medicare this year, two programs that don’t even contribute to the debt, plus they are paid for by workers and their employers. They want to steal our retirement from us, and that should make you furious.

Amidst this insanity, I wonder how many felt like celebrating at all? Continue reading

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