Friday Photos

We’ve had a lot of rain lately, but during a sunny, albeit cool day, I took the camera over to the preserve on Corkscrew Road. I never know what I’m going to see there, and I like that it’s a place where I can get away from people and their noise. All I hear is the wind in the trees and an occasional bird call.

This lets me know I’m in a wild area. :) Bear Country Sign 1.24.16 sm Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: Kitchen

940853_1668801750034752_4514371804846475266_nI walked into the kitchen and noticed two things: a cute guy’s fine ass and a dog, sitting patiently in the corner behind him as if he were waiting for something.

Ryan–the man at my back, the one who’d invited me here–chuckled, slightly embarrassed. “Don’t mind Ethan. He waits to wash clothes until nearly everything he owns is dirty.” He slid past me to hug the man at the stove. “Did you forget we were expecting company this evening?” he hissed loudly enough I could hear.

Ethan looked over his shoulder at me and grinned. “I’m frying ham for sandwiches. Hungry?”

I was. “Sounds good.”  Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Back at the Caloosahatchee River

We’re back at the Caloosahatchee River today. The day was overcast and dark, and it shows in the photos, but the lack of sunlight lets you see details and colors that aren’t always evident when the sun is shining.

This is the drawbridge over the river. It goes up and down, unlike the other one, which went sideways. Remember? :) Alma Drawbridge 1.2.16 sm Continue reading

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Monday Flash Fic: The Dive

12508942_1666332240281703_5687928741300272328_nBack turned, Justin was poking at his phone.

“Hey!” Eric yelled. “Are you with me or aren’t you?”

He slid the phone into a back pocket and hurried to catch up with Eric. “Just leaving a last message in case I don’t come back,” he joked.

Eric nudged him. “Let’s hurry.” He quickened his pace; the boat they’d chartered was waiting at the Sebastian River Marina. “Cher and Tina are probably already there.” They had only two days left of vacation before they had to return to college up north. He didn’t want to waste it.

They raced along the dock until they got to the slip where the boat was waiting. They’d all chipped in on the rental, and Eric couldn’t wait to get out on the water. Continue reading

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Photo Friday: This and That

Bird Silhouette 11.4.15 sm

The pic above is fairly iconic: perching bird with one leg drawn up. That dead tree is no longer standing. It came down during a heavy rain.  Continue reading

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