Friday Flash Fic: The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

We drove up the rutted lane that led to the lighthouse at the edge of the cliff. The top was lit up as always at night, looking like a star had been stolen from the sky and imprisoned inside it. But the old living quarters had a light burning, too, and that wasn’t usual.

“Look there, Janny,” I said and pointed.

She parked and turned off the car. “One of the guides left it on again. My guess is it was Andrew. That boy doesn’t seem quite right in the head.”

“We’re old. No one young seems right in the head, given the music they listen to and the crap that comes out of their mouths.”

Laughing together, we got out, gathered our cleaning supplies from the backseat, and trudged uphill to the door. In daylight it was a cheery bright red, but in the darkness it was dark and muddy-looking. Continue reading

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Small Things

When I got the new camera, I was anxious to try it in specific circumstances, most centering around low light. The a6000 was okay but not great. The a6400 is far better!

Because of excessive heat, followed by storms, I wasn’t able to get out much the first couple of weeks, so I took pictures at home. Brown anoles are plentiful, and they were often my subjects.  This was the first pic I took with the new camera. The anole was in deep shadow. I was impressed with the amount of detail the camera captured.

This one was taken at dusk. Looks like a pregnant female.

Continue reading

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Friday Flash Fic: Expectations

Mouth open in shock, I looked around. This was a rice paddy, right? I’d only seen them in pictures.

I yelled to the genie, “This is not what I had in mind when I told you to send me somewhere hot and tropical.”














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If you follow me on Facebook, you know I adopted a cat recently. After Suki’s death, I couldn’t think about getting another pet, but after months of being alone during the pandemic–not even visiting friends–I needed a companion.

I didn’t want another dog, though. Suki was perfect. I still can’t imagine “replacing” her with another canine.

So I thought about getting a cat. I’ve had them before and enjoyed them, so I kept my ears and eyes open. I eventually connected with someone on the local intranet, who was fostering a mother cat and her many kittens. She’d been a pregnant stray, was taken in by a local rescue group, then fostered at someone’s house.

Long story short, I decided to take the mother cat home, and now she lives with me. She’s between three and four years old and has been spayed, gotten shots, and was treated for parasites. Continue reading

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Friday Flash Fic: Man on the Beach

He sat next to a small table, wearing shorts and a lightweight shirt, feet bare and his trademark hat perched jauntily on his bald head. An open laptop was across his thighs. It was as if he sensed my arrival, because he suddenly looked up, eyes hidden behind reflective blue shades, and smiled. “Took you long enough.”

“Connecting flight was late.” I took the seat next to him and gazed at the beach, cluttered with tourists sunbathing and playing in the water.

“No matter.” He tapped on his keyboard, then turned the laptop so I could see the screen. I was looking at the picture of a man known all over the world. He was worshipped by some but hated—and feared—by many more. “My next target?”

“Quick and dirty. This one should be public and look like what it is: a hit.” He pulled an envelope from under his scrawny ass and handed it to me. Continue reading

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