Shocks are shocking.

I saw oily grease on the side of my car near the front wheel on the driver’s side and took it to the dealership. They said the rear shocks were leaking. That didn’t make sense to me, given where I saw the grease, but I let them talk me into replacing the shocks. I spent $500 I didn’t have to get it done.

This morning I went on YouTube and found a video that showed someone replacing a rear shock on a Prius. It took him about five minutes, and he did it with minimal tools.

I’m kicking myself after seeing that.  Continue reading

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Three Birds

I’m still going through old photos, and I found a few from late last year that are worth posting.

The first one is a red-shouldered hawk. I was on my way back from a trip to Corkscrew Marsh when I saw him perched in a tree, facing the morning light. I parked, jumped out of the car, and walked back toward him. I couldn’t get close enough to suit me, but I had both cameras with me, and I chose the Canon with the superzoom.

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Sunday Cleanup

I went through the photos I took last week that I haven’t posted yet and chose the best of them for today.

I took this pic of the lake from the main road. First time I went past, someone was out in a boat, trolling. Didn’t see him that day, though.

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Lake Placid: Town of Murals

Lake Placid bills itself as the town of murals. They ain’t lying.

I’ve mentioned I live in a rural area near a lake? But the main drag is literally only minutes away. I visited yesterday, tried a local cafe, and walked around a bit.

Unfortunately, my back has not yet recovered from the stress of moving, so I wasn’t able to stay as long as I liked. But I will go back; the place is fascinating and beautiful.

I stopped first at Journal Plaza Square. I screwed up taking pics of the giant mural on the wall that borders a large green space, beside which is a line of businesses, but I’ll go back and get it soon. The really cool thing about it? They run free movies every week. Bring a chair, a blanket, and enjoy. They run it on a large white square in the center of the wall, on either side of which is a gorgeous mural. The cafe stays open, so you can buy food and drink if you didn’t bring your own.  Continue reading

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Before/After: Bridge Lizard

Taking the photo is only the beginning.

After that there are a myriad of processing choices to make that photo better or different or unique.

I’ve taken lots of pics of lizards. Florida is loaded with ’em. They’re cute, harmless to almost everything, and they eat bugs and stuff. If the Chinese think crickets are good luck, I think Florida lizards are, too. I like having them run around, inside and out.

I took this photo at the bridge a couple days ago. This is the original. Continue reading

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