In the Park

The day I took these pictures, it hit 95. What saved it from being absolutely stifling was a drop in dewpoint, from 73 to 67. That made all the difference.

I took these early, though–around eight in the morning–and although it was humid with no breeze, the walk was pleasant. I have noticed when I’m taking photos, however, I don’t notice things like temperature and humidity. Once, while chasing a dragonfly, I spent a lot of time in direct sun and ended up with a light sunburn.

The first thing I noticed was this display in the front yard of a new resident. Okay, it’s a little corny–strings of beads representing falling water–but it definitely caught my eye when the sun made them sparkle as they turned in a light breeze.

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Mixed Bag 4

Flowers and flies today. How’s that for a combo?

I mentioned I’ve been taking lots of macro photos of late. I got two of a long-legged fly. That’s their actual name. I’m not making it up. How beautiful are those colors? And these suckers are tiny. You’ve probably seen them sparkling in the sun on a leaf.

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Mixed Bag 3

I’ve got a bunch of photos I’ve taken in various places at various times, hence the post’s title. You’ll see a variety of things, and isn’t that fun? All the pics were shot in the last two or three weeks, however. Until the recent heat wave hit, I was out with the cameras quite a lot.

At the park one morning, another resident pulled up in a golf cart and parked near the bridge. A young squirrel immediately ran over and sat up, looking at him expectantly. Turns out he’s been feeding the wildlife oyster crackers, which he claims they love far better than corn. I guess, like us, they prefer food that isn’t good for them. 😉

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Mixed Bag 2

I recently spent some time on the north shore of Iskotpoga Lake. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that name. I say it phonetically and hope I’m close. I was lucky enough to get two wonderful photos of birds, hunting along the shore.

In the first is a tricolor heron. This one got a LOT of likes in one of the photo forums I’m on, although a friend suggested I get rid of the phallic cypress knee in the center. Hell no! I thought it made the shot. 🙂 Also, it is illegal to cut a cypress knee on state property, so why would I remove it from a photo? Heh.

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Mixed Bag 1

I’ve been experimenting with various lenses and techniques the last couple of weeks. For instance, the Sony came with what they call a kit lens. It’s a pancake lens with a zoom of 18-50mm.

I never used it much, because I didn’t like the pictures it took. But I’ve been forcing myself to give it another look and sometimes the results are promising.  For instance, this is a baby white vinca about to open. I shot straight down on it with a shallow depth of field so everything else would be blurry. The background is as shot, really nice bokeh.

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