Before/After: Female Grackle

Time seems to be flying by lately. We’re into what passes for fall in Florida. That means the  daytime temps drop to the 80s, nights are cool, and dew points go down. 😉

I’ve been busy with edits, but I manage to get outside once in a while to take photos. I have a woods behind me and a lake down the street; there’s usually something worth taking pics of.

Before we get to the photos… news. My beloved moped got really sick, seemingly overnight, and because I’m not equipped to get it to a shop, and it’s about fifteen years old, I decided to sell it and get a bike. It’s red and has no gears, so I have to pedal. Exercise, you know? I need it. I sit on my ass too much most days, and anything that gets me moving is good. After my first short ride, I realized just out of shape my legs are. I’m improving every day, though, and I never take off without a camera. Continue reading

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Before/After: Macros

Post-processing can make or break your photo. Think I’m kidding? Let’s take a look. All photos are clickable for uploaded size, as always.

I took this photo of lovebugs mating. Pretty good, right? Crop it a little and call it good.

That works for most people, but I simply cannot leave photos alone. 🙂 I have to get rid of noise, bring out detail, brighten colors, and move the light around.

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Photos: 10.14.19

I returned to my favorite park and got a fabulous photo of the green lynx spider. It was resting on a leaf, enjoying the morning sun. They are SO large and impressive, I can’t take my eyes off them when I see one.  These beautiful spiders rarely bite humans, and even if they do, they are non-venomous. You’ll just swell up a bit, and that’s it.

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Photos: 10.10.19

I’ll start with two landscapes, because I haven’t been doing many lately, and I’ve missed it.

The first two are sunset shots of the lake. The colors were outstanding. As Florida heads into winter, our best skies appear, full of color and clouds. I’m looking forward to it. Both photos were taken the same night at the same time; I only shifted focus to a different part of the sky.

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Green Lynx Spider

I saw my first one and was thrilled. Then I saw another a few feet away!

They are amazing, very large, and as you can see, have looooong legs.

Lynx spider, (family Oxyopidae), any of several groups of active spiders (order Araneida) that do not build a nest or web but capture their prey by pouncing upon them. Lynx spiders are distributed worldwide and in North America are most common in southern regions. The eyes are arranged in a hexagon, and the abdomen usually tapers to a point. Lynx spiders are usually found on vegetation, seeking insect prey. Continue reading

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