White Collar: After Paris 2


Mozzie’s phone rang in the middle of his meditation. He ignored it. A calm mental outlook was important to his overall health, and he let nothing interfere with that.

Half an hour later, he checked his messages to see that Jabir had not only called but left a text: Someone’s asking about Neal Morrisey.

He returned the call immediately. “Tell me more.”

“Hi, Mozzie. Long time, no see.”

“Cut the crap, Jabir.” Already his peaceful outlook was fading.

“You asked me to tell you if anyone came around looking for your friend. Middle-aged American man is asking questions about him on the street. He’s flashing pictures and saying Morrisey’s name is Caffrey. He’s offering money for information. ”

Mozzie pressed his lips together. Had to be Burke. Continue reading

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White Collar: After Paris

This is fanfic, but you can read it even if you haven’t watched the show. I’ll post a new chapter every Monday and Friday; there are seven chapters. The story is complete, so you can enjoy it without wondering if I’ll ever finish it. :) 

Genre: m/m


“You keep looking at me,” the man at the bar in the black leather jacket said, cradling a whiskey with long, slender fingers.

Neal smiled. “Heard your accent. You’re American.” He moved over next to him. “And if I’m not mistaken, you’re from New York City.” This close, the guy had eyes as green as Neal’s were blue. He stuck out a hand. “Neal.”

The man let go of his drink long enough to shake. His hand was damp from the condensation on the glass. “Harris. You know New York?”

“Lived there many years. Been in Paris long?”

“A year. Doing the starving artist bit, taking some classes at the American University.” He downed the remainder of his whiskey.

“Any good at it?”

“Which part? Starving or art?” Continue reading

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Monday Pix

The recent election is still adversely affecting my mental balance. The world has changed, and I get the feeling we won’t know just how badly for a while yet. I mean, the asshole hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and already the news is bad. But enough about that.

As I type this, Amazon’s cyber Monday is going on, and I admit I looked at the cameras on sale. The one I was tempted to buy was not on sale, however, so I’ve put off making a decision about that. $600 is a lot of money, and do I need a new camera? Hell no. The Canon SX50 meets almost all my needs.

The camera I’m waiting for hasn’t been invented yet. It should have the longest optical zoom possible, an excellent lens, image stabilization (of course!), a 1″ sensor, and work well in low light. The Canon does most of that, but the sensor is small, and it sucks in low light. Nikon has a camera with an 83x optical zoom. Incredible. I admit I drooled a little, but again, the sensor is small, meaning it won’t do better in low light than the Canon. Continue reading

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Friday Photos: Mostly Birds

On the computer, I have “working” directories, where I dump downloads for later processing. While sorting and moving to permanent directories, I came across a few pics I’d overlooked or saved for later.

This one was taken way back in May, when ducklings were showing up at the canal. The parents were nearby; I snapped this through the fence that separates the condos from the park. They knew I was there, which is probably why they bunched up like this. After taking a few fast shots, I crept away. I try never to disturb wildlife. ducklings-5-31-16-sm

Continue reading

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Monday Catchup

I admit it. In the days since the election, I’ve barely functioned. Getting a manuscript to edit helped; it forced me to concentrate and pay no attention to the news from that camp, which we know is despicable and scary.

I spent a lot of time reading in bed. I’d picked up the first book in a series for free, and I just kept reading, buying the next book as I finished the one before. It got a little weird in #6, but I managed to finish it and am now reading #7.

I streamed a lot of stuff on Netflix and Prime. I’m almost finished with Cheers. I started Anthony Boudain’s Parts Unknown. I’m rewatching Burn Notice, believe it or not. Hey, good TV is good!

The point is I felt like shit, and not only because I’m still dealing with health issues. Distraction was the name of the game, and I became an expert in no time flat.  Continue reading

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