Meh. Monday

What can I say? I was out last night, then stayed up when I got home, so I went to bed late, got up late, and here we are. I also have a sunburn, my first since relocating. I was in and out of the pool all afternoon, and today I pay the price.

I’m skipping a meaningful post on the blog today. pennies_notime This image made me laugh for some reason. No time to pick up a penny? I sort of get that! What’s a penny worth, anyway? One penny is worth next to nothing. You need a hundred of them to have a dollar, and you can buy almost nothing with that buck, not even at the so-called Dollar Store. Sales tax, remember?  Continue reading

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Being Different

When I was in high school, I was considered one of the odd people. You know, the kids who are generally shunned because we simply don’t fit in anywhere else.

As expected, we got together and formed our own group, hanging out before and after school. For some reason, I started thinking about them this morning.

Y’all know why I was considered weird, and you know how I turned out. I wonder what happened to the others? After I graduated, I purposefully lost touch with all of them, and I’ve never attended any reunions, though I received invites the first ten or fifteen years. After that, they lost track of me, and I let them.

There were the Asian twins, Linda and Susan. Back then, being Asian was notable, especially in a mostly white suburban school, and so they were considered odd. I had to walk several blocks to the bus stop, and as they were on the way, I often swung by and picked them up. Their mother would turn the temp in the house up to eighty degrees before taking a shower. Many a time I would walk into their house wearing full winter gear and feel like I was in a sauna, but I wouldn’t take any of it off because we were “leaving any minute.”  Continue reading

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Butterfly and Bug

I was lucky enough, after a morning swim at R’s last week, to be outside with the camera when this gorgeous butterfly flew into one of his flowered bushes. The zebra longwing butterfly (Heliconius charitonius) was designated the official state butterfly of Florida in 1996. The butterfly is found throughout Florida in hardwood hammocks, thickets, gardens, and particularly in the Everglades National Park. Zebra Longwing 8.9.14Zebra Longwing 2 8.9.14   Continue reading

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Unusual Capture

I’m talking about a photo, but we’ll do a couple before I get to that one. :)

The other morning, there was mist on the water. I’m guessing that’s unusual this time of year, it stays so hot even through the night. We’re lucky to get down into the 70s the last couple weeks. This doesn’t quite capture it–you can see a little along the shoreline–but it was drifting across the top of the water like smoke, curling and dancing. Beautiful! Next time, I get video. Morning Mist 8.5.14 sm Continue reading

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Monday ROCKS

Last week was tumultuous, to say the least.

One doesn’t hear that word much these days outside of het romance novels: tumultuous. But it’s a good word, and it sums up the roller coaster of emotion I experienced before, during, and after I cleared up that little matter of my biology versus my gender.

It’s a whole new week, and I woke up happy today, as I have every day for a while now. I live in paradise! I see the sun every morning and most evenings. I am never cold. I have two jobs I love (editing and writing). I work at home, where I have a great view. As I type this, the ducks are floating along the canal and a Great Egret just flew by, going north.

I love my life! I have wonderful friends and just enough money to enjoy a special treat once in a while, like buying that computer desk yesterday. I’m sitting at it now. :)

I have rarely felt so centered and peaceful, and a lot of that is due to you, my readers and friends. Thank you. Continue reading

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