Three Photos

This was not a big week for pics, as up until Sunday, I was still going back and forth between my place and R’s. The temperatures and dew points were higher than usual, too, keeping me out of the lanai, which is my window on the canal and its visitors.

The big news is the rest of my stuff arrived from up north on R’s trailer. I spent last night unpacking books and rearranging the shelves. I have fewer of them these days, but they proved to be adequate. Instead of reading off Kindle, I chose one of my paperbacks. Sometimes it’s nice to hold paper instead of machine.  Continue reading

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I Got Nothing

It’s Friday. I usually post something.

But the news from around the world is so depressing, I want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.

The Malaysia plane crash; the war in Israel; the Subway worker who was told she had to work while sick with a stomach flu, then was later fired anyway; everything any GOP candidate or politician says and does; blaming every bad thing that happens on Obama (because we aren’t racist, are we?); a friend of mine being harassed by Bank of America for no reason (he always paid his mortgage on time and in fact, even paid ahead); a 19-yr old man beat to a pulp because he politely declined to provide ID to police when it was demanded (are we living in America or communist Russia of the ’50s?).

I could go on, but why bother? Although there is good news from time to time, it is overshadowed by the atrocities happening everywhere. I’m talking about law abiding people taking it on the chin, not criminals. Our for-profit prisons are stuffed with people who toked on a joint. Innocent citizens get nailed seemingly every day by militarized cops who think they’re living in a war zone. And don’t get me started on the rampant gun culture; there is at least one new shooting reported daily.

I see a cop now and go the other way. I’m starting to be terrified of them. If I run a stop sign, does that give them the right to throw me on the ground and stomp on my head? Is this the picture they want to project? Are they purposefully forcing us to see them as the enemy, and if so, why?

Most days, I’m a pretty cheery guy. I’ve been happier than ever since moving to Florida, and I have yet to witness the state’s craziness firsthand. I love waking up to sunshine every morning. I like never being cold, even in a pouring rain. I’m not fond of the fire ants at R’s place, but other than that, there hasn’t been much problem with insects. The traffic is bad at rush hour, just like everywhere, but otherwise, it’s okay. My scooter arrives on the weekend, and I’m looking forward to tooling around the side streets. I don’t do this in the car because gas is expensive. I use far less of it on the scooter.

Yes, I’m generally upbeat, but once in a while, the weight of the world is crushing. I don’t think I’m imagining that things are getting worse. I ponder where my friends and I will be in ten years, or twenty. What kind of world will we be living in then? Will our country be run by religious fanatics? In which case, I’ll be killed for not professing belief in their nonsensical sky daddy. It’ll be the Inquisition all over again, with heretics burned at the stake or tortured on the rack.

Didn’t everyone get the memo about history repeating itself? ‘Cause I see a definite time loop happening here.

Today I have to take a break from real life. I have to stop reading the news. I have to go outside and note the beauty around me. I have to take a long nap. I have to read a good book. I have to spend time with Suki. I have to remember love and peace and all good things.

I’m taking a mental health day. Y’all have a great weekend! I’ll be back Monday feeling much better, I’m sure.


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A Snail, a Spider, and a View

A freshwater canal flows behind my condo. It is there I take most of my wildlife pictures, because I haven’t had a chance to get out and explore the area yet. The canal is an endless source of interest to me. I’m always seeing something new.

Like snail eggs 7.10.14 sm

apple snailI’d seen it several times and finally grabbed a (slightly blurry) shot of it. It took me only a minute to ID it online. These are the eggs of an apple snail. The canal is full of them. And yes, it’s another invasive species someone imported for some stupid reason, and now it’s proliferating like mad everywhere in Florida. When are we gonna learn, eh?

The picture at left is not mine; I found it on the article that identified the pink stuff. But I have seen lots of these snails in the water, and I have one of their shells in the condo.  Continue reading

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Open Your Eyes

The title for this blog post comes from a song I’m listening to as I write this, but it’s probably good advice. Put the phone down, open your eyes, and look around. Despite all the shit happening in the world right now, it’s still a beautiful planet.

A good thunderstorm moved through the area late this afternoon (Sunday), and tonight, I’m out on R’s lanai, listening to the frogs screaming (the sound isn’t at all pleasing to the ear) and music (no playlist tonight; I want to be surprised by every song that comes up).

I’ve been playing in Photoshop tonight, working on the cover for AJ Rose’s next book. I stumbled on something that is exciting me, and if he likes it, you may see it soon. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board. :)  Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be With You

Happy holiday!

Me? I gotta work this morning, but later I might go down to the neighbors. They invited me to hang out. I may or may not go. They’re grilling, and I don’t eat meat. Plus, it’s always awkward talking to people you don’t know.

There will be fireworks somewhere, and because it’s Florida and flat, I’ll see them everywhere. Continue reading

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