Senior Moment

Yes, I forgot today was Friday, and therefore I didn’t prepare a blog post for today. Sorry. I know quite a few of you look forward to them twice a week, and I apologize.

Right now, I’m breaking down the Weatherboy sequel chapter by chapter to give myself a blueprint to follow. Much as I enjoy writing by the seat of my pants, it’s starting to get old hitting that wall again and again while I try to decide where the story goes from there.

After talking with AJ this morning, I decided I needed to get serious about putting together a better outline to maintain forward momentum. I use Evernote to keep track of book details (characters traits, descriptions, etc.), and it’s not hard to create a new “note” that contains chapter highlights. This gives me a path to follow while still allowing the flexibility I need to allow for the occasional stroke of genius.  Continue reading

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Monday Photos

I enjoyed a news-free weekend. I’m sure horrible things were happening everywhere, but I didn’t hear about them, and I’m better for it. Rode the scooter today. Needed salt, which was as good an excuse as any to haul off the cover and hop on. December 14, and I was quite comfortable! Did have on the fleece-lined hoodie to cut wind chill, but it was in the 70s this afternoon.

The pics I took Saturday will be posted Friday, most likely. Haven’t downloaded them yet, but here are a few you haven’t seen yet.  Continue reading

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Da News

Things aren’t getting better. We all know this. Republicans have taken over the Senate, and starting in January, they will try to impose their views on the rest of the country at the bidding of their owners, the 1%. The environment is worse. The economy is only better for a select few; the rest of us haven’t seen a raise in decades. Gas prices may be down, but everything else is still going up.

Yup, the world sucks, and every morning when I get up, I immerse myself in the news, catching up on watch I miss while I slept. The stuff I read makes me sick most of the time, yet I can’t look away. It’s the car wreck you feel compelled to look at as you drive by.

I’m a news addict. Continue reading

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On Death and Writing

I’m in a funny mood lately. Some of this is due to the death of someone I considered my best friend. His remembrance day was Saturday, and I wasn’t there. I made the choice not to attend based on several things, but I still missed seeing our friends and sharing stories about the man.

He had a great life, though it didn’t start out that way. He grew up poor in rural Minnesota, born to fundamentalist parents who did quite a number on his head. It wasn’t until he got to college that he figured it out and finally started enjoying things like sex and pot. Lack of money forced him to leave school, but not before he met and married the woman who was with him until the end.

D was an entrepreneur, a fancy word for trying different professions until you find something that works. Being brilliant helped; he could take any job and figure it out enough to do it well. He got into programming, and when bulletin board services (BBSs were the precursor to our internet) were all the rage, he created one. That’s how we met. Continue reading

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More Flash Fiction

This was written for the Queer SF group flash fic contest, but it didn’t win or even place. I was told they enjoyed the story, but it was fifty some words over the 300-word limit. Meh. I tried cutting enough to qualify, but it simply could not be done. Every single word is necessary.

The theme is “Endings.”

Continue reading

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