A Holiday and Photos

Holiday weekends screw me up by throwing me off schedule, even though the holiday doesn’t matter to me anymore. I work pretty much every day, whether it’s editing or writing, and rarely take or get a day off. So much for being semi-retired, eh?

When you’re a writer, there’s no such thing, and if you have to pay bills, well… work happens. How many of you will be lucky enough to fully retire when you reach that age? Since the wealthy took over the running of this country and the 2008 crash, I think very few of us will be lucky enough to sit on our asses and do nothing, or travel the world like my folks did, or own two houses and move from one to the other with the seasons.

But I have no complaints, and in fact, I feel lucky I was able to realize my last dream of moving to Florida. Early retirement figured into that. Waiting would have made very little difference, so I took the leap and things worked out. Whether or not that holds true in a few years, I have no idea.

That’s the weird thing, at least for me. While I’ve never had “too much” money (there is no such thing, right? :) ), I have always had enough. No matter what my circumstances, I somehow got the job or stumbled across a source of money in time to prevent me from being homeless, and yes, there were a few times it was a near thing.  Continue reading

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Contemplation on Age and Two Photos

I’m sixty-two. That officially qualifies me as a senior citizen, though I don’t feel old at all. I still do the things I used to, though I admit I’m more careful so I don’t slip and break something. Yeah, I consider the possibility now when before, it never occurred to me.

There were many reasons why I left MN for FL, and one of them was because the last winter I was there, I slipped on ice twice and both times, it hurt, and I wondered if I’d broken something. The weird thing is, over twenty years ago, I slipped on a deck step, twisted in mid-air so I wouldn’t land on my back and possibly cripple myself forever, and hit the edge hard on one butt cheek. Stunned, I half-lay there for a bit in the snow, waiting for the pain to ebb, then I forced myself up and into the car so I wouldn’t be late for a job. I cleaned houses back then for extra money, and by the time I arrived, I was capable of pushing a vacuum and scrubbing a floor. To this day, there is a slight dent in that ass cheek.

That was a harder fall than the ones I took a few months ago, but the truth is, spills happen more frequently as you age, so why take chances? When I rock climb, I now test every step before taking it. I focus on what I’m doing so I don’t do anything stupid. I still push myself, but within reason. I feel like a wimp most of the time, but if it saves me a broken bone or two, I’ll do it.  Continue reading

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And now for something completely different!

Ran across this the other day, and every time I read it, I get nearly hysterical with laughter.

To make it easier to handle, I put the pics together in two panels. Just read like normal people, top to bottom. :) Continue reading

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On Gender and What We Look Like

After doing the interview with Thorny yesterday, I started thinking about how gender is portrayed in fashion and film. They, of course, are a few steps ahead of the rest of us. They set the tone and eventually, we follow.

But not all the time. Often, the general public resists embracing certain trends, especially when it comes to gender. They want their women to look female and their men to look male. Oddballs like me need not apply.

You’ve seen The Crying Game and Stargate, right? Jaye Davidson played Dil in the former and Ra in the latter, and his androgynous look worked well in both. I think he’s beautiful. Continue reading

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Meh. Monday

What can I say? I was out last night, then stayed up when I got home, so I went to bed late, got up late, and here we are. I also have a sunburn, my first since relocating. I was in and out of the pool all afternoon, and today I pay the price.

I’m skipping a meaningful post on the blog today. pennies_notime This image made me laugh for some reason. No time to pick up a penny? I sort of get that! What’s a penny worth, anyway? One penny is worth next to nothing. You need a hundred of them to have a dollar, and you can buy almost nothing with that buck, not even at the so-called Dollar Store. Sales tax, remember?  Continue reading

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