Friday Quickie

I was planning to put up a couple more edited samples today, but I am so buried at the moment with various things, I don’t have the time.

My apologies.

I hope to be able to take a deep breath long enough to do this Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend. See you soon.


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Consent Gets Edited and Cover Reveal

Well, not all of it. The book is still with the betas. But AJ gave me permission to post a scene from the novel, which I’ve edited.

AJ writes fairly clean, and that makes my job as her editor easy and fun. :) Continue reading

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Two Sample Edits

Editors are an important part of the publication process, but we are not gods. We make suggestions, some more strongly than others, but in the end, the writer decides what they will and will not change.

I offered to do some free sample edits in order to show you how I work and what I look for. Hopefully, this is a learning process for us all.

Our first edit comes from Helena Stone, who gave me permission to share her name with you. The sample is from a short story she recently posted on her blog. You can read the rest of it here.

On the issue of American English vs British English: some publishers will insist on changing BE to AE, but not all of them do. I point it out in the sample for informational purposes only. BE is not incorrect. :) To see the samples more clearly, click on them. Continue reading

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How Brave Are You?

I talk about writing often. I’ve mentioned ABP (autonomous body parts, as in eyes taking trips around rooms and hands doing all sorts of things on their own), trying rather than doing, repetition, wordiness, run-on sentences, and on and on.

As long as there are writers, editors will never run out of work. It seems we all must make the same writing mistakes when we’re starting out, and as we go along–if we make an effort to improve–we get better.

Just how good are you? Show me.

Send me a sample of no more than 300 words (fenraven at gmail). I will edit it for nothing and send it back. But here’s the thing: I will also post it on the blog (anonymously, of course; no one will know the sample belongs to you) so everyone can see what an editor does to a manuscript.  Continue reading

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A Conversation with the Muse

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