Return to Summer

Yesterday and today, our highs have been in the upper 80s, accompanied by similar dewpoints. Am I complaining?

Are you kidding?!

I love this weather, and I appreciate it even more when I consider what the rest of the country has had to deal with the last couple weeks. (pics found on the web) Continue reading

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Friday Photos

It’s been a busy week. Just this morning, I downloaded several hundred photos from the camera and spent some time going through them. So many good ones! And I only have room for a few, so let’s get started.

R and I visited a local nursery a few days ago. The people who own it are old. Dan is 90, his wife is in her late 80s, and they still get out and take care of the plants every day. This is one of the walking trails through the extensive acreage. Don’t forget: you can see the original uploaded size by clicking on each photo.  Continue reading

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The Love/Hate Authors Feel Toward Book Reviewers

If you write, if you publish, there will be reviews. The problem starts when not everything reviewers have to say is flattering.

It’s an uncomfortable truth that not everyone will like what you produce.

You spend weeks, months, even years writing a book. It goes through many revisions. Betas tear it apart. An editor rips it down again. You rewrite and rewrite, and finally one day, it’s as ready as it will ever be. You take a deep breath and send it out into the world, hopeful it will experience a happy landing.

And then the reviews start, and you realize you were full of shit.  Continue reading

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Maze Update and a few photos

The Haunted Maze is now available in ePub and PDF format at All Romance eBooks.  Thanks to all of you for spreading the word; this is my best-selling book so far! Virtual hugs and wine for everyone. :)


As some of you know, last week I met up with a couple online friends in a town called Celebration. It’s located nine miles south of Downtown Disney, which doesn’t allow dogs. Well, service dogs are okay, but others are frowned upon. They wanted to meet Suki, I wanted to bring her, so we relocated our meeting to Celebration, which likes dogs. People have good and bad things to say about the place, and it’s apparently suffered growing pains, but I loved it. Course, I only stayed a few hours. ;) Still, I wouldn’t mind returning for a couple or three days. I enjoyed the walkability of the place, and I felt safe and comfortable there.

Best decision we ever made! We got to explore a wonderful town with a variety of attractions. The first thing we did was get on a walking trail. It took us into thick trees and around a lake, on the other side of which were expensive houses. I’m talking multi-million dollar places. This is the back of one of them. Notice the waterfall that runs across the entire property? Oy! Continue reading

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Life is Change

Just when things get comfortable, something changes. Maybe you lose a job or someone you love dies or moves away. Sometimes you’re the one who leaves. People relocate all the time, sometimes for work, sometimes for the hell of it.

I’ve always embraced change on a larger level, and if it doesn’t happen naturally, I take steps to make it occur. Jobs are one area when I get bored easily. I’ve reinvented myself several times as the years have gone by, most often forced into it when the economy changed.

I started in office work. I was good at it, but it didn’t take long for me to want to do other things, and not just because those jobs put me at the bottom of the work ladder. I read manufacturing was a potentially lucrative field, so I trained for quality assurance, taking classes and seminars. Got a pretty good job, then got a better one at a different company. I was just starting to make money at it when jobs were sent off-shore.

So I went in a different direction and became a bookkeeper. I’d taken some accounting classes and thought, “How hard can this be?” Continue reading

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